Free Pregnancy Clinics in Texas

Free Pregnancy Clinics in Texas

If you need support, a local pregnancy clinic is a great place to turn. Also known as pregnancy care centers, pregnancy clinics offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling and more services to women in need of care.

When you need medical or emotional support but are unsure of how to afford care, there is help available. If you’ve been searching:

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Below, we’ll walk through free pregnancy clinics in Dallas, Texas, and other cities across the state, including Houston, San Antonio and more.

Free Pregnancy Clinics in Texas

If you are looking for free pregnancy ultrasound clinics, medical services or guidance on your options moving forward, a pregnancy care center can help.

Several organizations and agencies offer free services and financial help for pregnant women. But many pregnant women are unsure of how to connect with these resources and get the services they need.

The good news is that there are clinics all across Texas that offer free services to pregnant women. The clinics on this list have programs in place that allow them to help meet your medical needs at low or no cost to you.

So take a deep breath and keep reading to find resources that will help you through this time.

Free Pregnancy Clinics in Houston, TX

1. Texas Adoption Center, Houston

With caring specialists and a wide range of free services like financial support and counseling, Texas Adoption Center is dedicated to helping pregnant women. You’ll find helpful advice and judgment-free support at this center. The team here can connect you with a trustworthy pregnancy clinic near you. Texas Adoption Center has locations across Texas, including Austin, Brownwood, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and more.

Review: “Gina was my caseworker, and she took good care of me throughout the process. She was kind, nice to hang out with and dependable. She took me to all of my appointments, stayed with me at the hospital, brought me food and kept me company. I really appreciate how well I was treated the entire time.” – Ash L.

Address: 701 N Post Oak Road, Houston, TX 77024

Phone: (844) 893-7943

Learn More: Texas Adoption Center

2. Downtown Pregnancy Help Center

Review: “Everyone there was friendly and helpful. I was an emotional mess, but the counselor who helped me (Blessing) hugged me and assured me OUR baby could get the care needed and so would I.” – Ebonie M.

Address: 3636 San Jacinto St., Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (713) 942-2100

Learn More: Downtown Pregnancy Help Center

3. Women’s Pregnancy Center

Texas Adoption Center has a connection with this center and can connect you to the resources they offer.

Review: “I had an amazing experience. Their staff made [us] feel at home. They were always ready to help. They are beautiful inside and outside. Looking forward to meeting them again.” -Sansa O.

Address: 10103 Fondren Road Ste. 230, Houston, TX 77096

Phone: (713) 774-0126

Learn More: Women’s Pregnancy Center

4. Birthright Humble

Review: “The lady who assisted me was SO kind! It only took about 10 minutes. Definitely recommend.” – Nicole V.

Address: 1502 1st St. East, Humble, TX 77338

Phone: (281) 540-1123

Learn More: Birthright Humble

Free Pregnancy Clinics in Dallas, TX

1. Birth Choice Dallas

Review: “Amazing how much sympathy they have for your situation to need something so small but so costly. They care! Can’t wait for future visits.” – Christine G.

Address: 8610 Greenville Ave. #200, Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: (214) 631-2402

Learn More: Birth Choice Dallas

2. The Source Women Downtown Pregnancy Center

Texas Adoption Center works directly with this clinic, so you’re supported every step of the way.

Review: “This place is amazing! They give you so much information you never even knew about. I definitely recommend this place to every woman who needs help with their pregnancy or is confused about what to do.” -Karina T.

Address: 525 N Ervay St., Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (972) 636-4460

Learn More: The Source Women Downtown Pregnancy Center

3. Thrive Women’s Clinic

Review: “The moment you step into Thrive, you are welcomed by a friendly front desk person and allowed to speak, rather than be spoken to, and returned with an authentic helping hand. Thrive’s staff made me feel welcomed, accepted and loved. I couldn’t recommend Thrive enough.” – Lexie G.

Address: 12959 Jupiter Road #260, Dallas, TX 75238

Phone: (214) 343-9263

Learn More: Thrive Women’s Clinic

4. Prestonwood Pregnancy Center Southwest

Review: “I really enjoy the emotional support given, and the plus for me is that the pregnancy test, sonogram and classes are free with no strings attached! Really good people.” – Sharon S.

Address: 7988 W Virginia Drive Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75237

Phone: (972) 428-4700

Learn More: Prestonwood Pregnancy Center Southwest

Free Pregnancy Clinics in San Antonio, TX

1. Pregnancy Care Center of San Antonio

Review: “I went in, got my positive and had my sonogram immediately afterward (same day). It was amazing. All free plus available resources and classes. I would highly recommend it to any woman. Thank you so much!” – Alexandria M.

Address: 7210 Louis Pasteur Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229

Phone: (210) 614-4124

Learn More: Pregnancy Care Center of San Antonio

2. Any Woman Can

Review: “When you walk in, you can immediately feel the positive energy despite whatever you’re facing or trying to cope within that moment. It’s refreshing. If you’re looking for refuge, no judgment and an atmosphere to let your worries dissipate, rest assured you will find it here.” – Stephanie A.

Address: 109 Gallery Circle #115, San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (210) 370-3939

Learn More: Any Woman Can

3. A Woman’s Haven

Texas Adoption Center works directly with this clinic, so you’re supported every step of the way.

Review: “Amazing place, amazing staff. They made me feel welcome and comforted, and they truly went above and beyond to make me feel that way. They are helpful and informative, and on top of it all, their services are absolutely free.” – Tracey M.

Address: 2202 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78229

Phone: (210) 224-2902

Learn More: A Woman’s Haven

4. The Source San Antonio

Texas Adoption Center works directly with this clinic, so you’re supported every step of the way.

Review: “From the second I walked in to the second I left, nothing but kind and caring staff members. Penne was amazing! I thank God I was guided to this place.” -Bri H.

Address: 3234 Northwestern, San Antonio, TX 78238

Phone: (210) 543-7200

Learn More: The Source San Antonio

Free Pregnancy Clinics in Fort Worth, TX

1. Next Step Women’s Center

Review: “They really do go out of their way to let you know that they care about you, and you never feel judged or looked down upon for your decisions. Also, the services are ALL free.” -Suzy M.

Address: 3010 SE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76140

Phone: (817) 984-1392

Learn More: Next Step Women’s Center

2. Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth

Review: “I love it here! They are so loving, kind, genuine and friendly! When you walk in, it is such a loving atmosphere from every person. The resources they provide for everyone is extremely helpful.” – Hannah V.

Address: 7700 Camp Bowie W Blvd. #120, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: (817) 560-2226

Learn More: Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth

3. Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Review: “Wow, what a wonderful experience! From the first phone call to set up an appointment to my actual appointment, these ladies have been so so helpful and kind and caring, and I just feel so at ease as I prepare to become a first-time mom!”- Jocelyn M.

Address: 3221 Cleburne Road, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Phone: (817) 924-9110

Learn More: Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

4. Metroplex Women’s Clinic

Review: “I’m not sure where to start here. This place is amazing! They offer so much for whatever route you decide to take! Every step of the way, they make you feel like they’re family.” – Tonie B.

Address: 2810 NW Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington, TX 76012

Phone: (817) 299-9599

Learn More: Metroplex Women’s Clinic

Pregnancy Clinics in Brownwood, TX

Texas Adoption Center has a close relationship with each of the clinics on this list.

1. Midway Family Planning

Review: “The employees are amazing and friendly people—very respectful place.” – Theresa R.

Address: 1500 Terrace Drive # 35, Brownwood, TX 76801

Phone: (325) 646-8429

Learn More: Midway Family Planning

2. Brownwood Women’s Clinic

Review: “Dr. Wilkinson is absolutely amazing. The whole staff is very caring and respectful. Most clinics I have been to rush to get you seen and hurry to get you out. Not this office.” – Kiri C.

Address: 98 S Park Drive, Brownwood, TX 76801

Phone: (325) 641-2686

Learn More: Brownwood Women’s Clinic

3. Pregnancy Care Center

Review: “Wonderful ladies.” -Victoria B.

Address: 2200 Austin Ave., Brownwood, TX 76801

Phone: (325) 646-5433

Learn More: Pregnancy Care Center

Get Confidential and Meaningful Pregnancy Support Today

When you need free pregnancy services and don’t l know where to turn, the compassionate team at Texas Adoption Center can help. Texas Adoption Center has locations across the state that are here to help you navigate this challenging time.

Whether you need medical services, information about your options, someone to talk to or all of the above, you can find it at Texas Adoption Center. Contact us today to get connected with the resources that you need.

10 Statistics Around the Texas Teen Pregnancy Rate

Texas teen pregnancy rate

If you’re a pregnant teenager, you might think that you’re alone, that outside of TV shows, this doesn’t happen very often IRL.

The truth is you are not the only teenager to ever get pregnant. In Texas, tens of thousands of women have unplanned pregnancies each year. In fact, a baby was born to a teen mom every 18 minutes in 2016.

You might wonder why you should care about other pregnant teenagers; they don’t have your parents or live your life. This is true, but you’ll likely find that you have something in common with other pregnant teens. And, since teen pregnancy is pretty common, there’s already a great system in place to help you on your journey.

Read on to learn more about the Texas teen pregnancy rate and other important statistics.

Texas Has One of the Highest Teen Birth Rates in the Nation

The teen birth rate signifies the number of teens who give birth each year. According to the CDC, Texas has a teen birth rate of 25.3. In other words, for every 1,000 girls aged 15-19 in Texas, 25.3 will give birth. This places Texas at number seven among the top 10 states with the highest teen birth rates.

On top of this, Texas ranked number one for repeat births among teens in 2016. This means that among women aged 15-19 giving birth, more than 19% already have at least one child.

Texas Teens Are More Sexually Active Than Other Teens

The high texas teen pregnancy rate is due to the fact that teens in Texas tend to be more sexually active on average than teens in many other states.

The 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 42.7% of Texas teens had engaged in sexual intercourse at least once. In addition to this, 29.3% of teens in Texas reported being currently sexually active. While many teens are sexually active, not many utilize proper birth control. Over 50% of teens that are sexually active report not using a condom the last time they had sex.

The high levels of sexual activity among young people and the lack of proper birth control plays a role in the number of unexpected pregnancies in the state.

Lack of Proper Education Leads to High Texas Teen Pregnancy Rates

Another contributor to teen pregnancy in Texas is the lack of knowledge that teens have around sexual intercourse and the possible consequences. In Texas, more than 50% of high schools teach abstinence-only sex education. That means that they tell you that the best way to avoid pregnancy is not to have sex.

Another 25% of schools don’t teach sex education at all. According to a recent study, approximately 75% of teen pregnancies are unintended. You should understand that, if your pregnancy is unplanned, you are not alone and that there are resources available to figure out if parenting is right for you.

Teen Pregnancy Is More Common Among Minorities

It’s common for parents to believe that certain issues don’t affect their culture or community. The truth is that teenagers throughout Texas become pregnant every year.

The largest percentage of Texas teens to get pregnant each year are Hispanic (34.4%) and come from places near the Mexico border. African American girls represent 26.7% of teen pregnancies and whites comprise 14.6%. These figures are rounded out by Native Americans at 12.6% and Asians at 3%.

Teenagers living in rural areas, those in foster care and those living in poverty are more likely to become pregnant as teens. But it’s important to remember that pregnancy doesn’t understand differences in ethnicity, education, culture, etc.

You are Not a Statistic

No matter where you are on your pregnancy journey, Texas Adoption Center can help you.

Our caring counselors will support you as you make the best decisions for you and the child growing inside you. Though this may be the first time you have faced this challenging situation, Texas Adoption Center has helped thousands of teens that have been in your position.

Find out more about the Texas Adoption Center and get in touch with a specialist here. Get the help and support you need today.

5 Alternative High School Programs for Pregnant Teens

schools for pregnant teens

If you’re pregnant, continuing your education might seem impossible. With higher stress levels about the future and medical appointments to attend, staying focused can be a challenge.

On top of this, physical symptoms might interfere with a regular school schedule. For example, about 70% of women report morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy. This can make getting to school and paying attention in class difficult.

However, many young women can balance pregnancy with school responsibilities. With the right educational program and support, you can do the same.

Ahead, we’ll discuss five great Texas schools for pregnant teens.

Teenage Pregnant & Parenting Students Program

The Teenage Pregnant & Parenting Students (TAPPS) Program provides students with the support they need to stay at one of five district high schools. TAPPS helps pregnant and parenting students adjust to their new status physically, emotionally and academically. The program is administered by specially trained counselors at each school who provide services, including case management, prenatal education and health services.

The benefit of this type of program is that pregnant teens do not need to disrupt their lives to maintain their educational goals. With the TAPPS program, you can stay in a familiar atmosphere and get the added help and information you need to have a successful pregnancy and a successful academic career.

Location: Irving Independent School District

iUniversity Prep

iUniversity Prep is a free public school that’s open to residents throughout Texas. The program is known for academic excellence, compassionate staff and award-winning teachers trained for an online learning environment. This school is a wonderful choice for students who have academic ambition and can work well independently.

Though there is a face-to-face component at this school, a lot of the work is self-paced with periodic check-ins and regular teacher availability. This works to the advantage of a pregnant teen who is not feeling well or has appointments during regular school hours.

You can take the online learning quiz to see if this is a good choice for you.

Location: Grapevine-Colleyville (All Texas students can access courses online.)

Texas Alternative Home School

SJRC Texas, formerly Saint Jude’s Ranch for Children, is a haven for youth suffering abuse, neglect or other trauma. Children in this residential program are usually referred by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

In addition to providing all children education and therapeutic services, SJRC has a special program for pregnant and parenting teens. This program provides health care services and provides young women training on parenting and independent living, including job and life skills. SJRC is one of the unique schools for pregnant teens because it offers practical advice on raising a child.

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Texas Online Preparatory School

Texas Online Preparatory School (TOPS) provides students with core learning in math, language arts, history and science. Students enrolled at this tuition-free public school have access to counselors and teachers who can offer support and assist with concerns.

Unlike many remote schools, TOPS offers extracurriculars. Extra-curricular events allow teens the opportunity to socialize in what might otherwise be a socially isolating time. Families can also form regional clusters for field trips and other school-sponsored events to meet and interact with one another in person.

At a school like TOPS, students can enjoy the best of both worlds—a strong, personalized educational program and some of the perks that come with a traditional high school experience. There is a smaller chance of students judging you when you are part of a small group of students for whom traditional education didn’t work.

Location: Offices in Lewisville

Your Future: We can help.

Wanting to get a quality education is one of many reasons why you might choose not to parent the child. Whatever your reason, the specialists at Texas Adoption Center can help. Our compassionate and caring team will work with you to make sure you come to the decision that is best for you and your future.

For more information on how we can help you, connect with Texas Adoption Center today.