Adoption Home Study

The home study helps us to ensure that your home and family are an ideal match for a child.

What is an adoption home study?

A home study is a written report, usually running from 10 to 20 pages, that provides details about your family and your home environment—details that are relevant to the well-being of a child. Every family must have an approved home study in their state of residence in order to adopt. The purpose is simply to ensure that a child placed with you will be placed in a good, safe, and loving home.

How do I start the home study?

Please click here to fill out a contact inquiry on our website and our office will reach out to you to get started. We can discuss the process and any questions you may have about the home study. Our office will then send you a link to a home study application to start your adoption journey.

How long does the home study take?

The process starts with a checklist of documents required by the state of Texas, including Texas background checks. Once we’ve received all the required documentation, we’ll come out to interview you in your home—and from that date, you will have your home study in hand one month later.​

What is post-placement supervision?​

After placement has been made, post-placement supervision is required by law to ensure a safe and healthy placement. The number of required supervision visits depends on the nature of your adoption and the requirements of the state finalizing the adoption. If you finalize through a child-placing agency in Texas, you will need five reports over a six-month period before finalization.

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