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Your Options

Your Adoption Specialist will spend time with you — as much time as you need — to help you explore the different options available to you.

Is parenting right for me?

Being a parent is wonderful, but it also comes with lots of responsibility. For some, the choice to parent brings joy and fulfillment to their lives. The unplanned pregnancy turns into a gift of love and growth that the mother never expected. However, this choice requires a lot of sacrifices on the part of the parent. Parenting means shifting your life and your choices to focus on the child’s needs.

Consider your age, long term life goals and current financial situation. How will these influence your ability to parent? One common misconception is that deciding not to parent the child is a selfish action. This is not true. In many cases, expectant mothers decide to place a child for adoption to give them the best life possible. Though the choice to parent or not to parent is difficult, thinking about some practical questions can help you decide.

Can you afford a baby? How will parenting affect your hopes and dreams for the future? Do you have anyone to provide much-needed support—friends, family members, or a partner? These are just some of the many questions to consider. We will help you think through them. We want you to be sure that adoption is right for you and your baby. And if you feel that it is, we’re here to help you move forward.

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Is adoption right for me?

If you’re pregnant, adoption is an option that allows you to pursue your dreams while ensuring the child will be loved and cared for. Adoption through a private agency brings together a brave mother like you with a loving family looking to adopt a child.

When you’re pregnant, the adoption option may seem out of reach. But the reality is that adoption is open to expectant mothers of all ages and backgrounds. Unlike the other options on this list, adoption is free for the expectant mother. Plus, many agencies cover pregnancy-related medical expenses and help with housing and living expenses along the way. It can be helpful to get adoption guidance and advice before making this decision. This way, you know what to expect and figure out if this path is right for you.

Adoption is beautiful but can also be emotionally challenging. We’ll help you create your own plan, and we’ll find families for you that are comfortable with the same plan. That way, you know that the family adopting your baby wants exactly what you want.

With different types of adoption and the ability to customize your adoption plan, you are in control of the process. You can choose the family or not—it’s up to you. You can meet them before delivery or not—it’s up to you. You can have ongoing contact with them or not—it’s up to you. You are in charge of your decision. And you have our support, every step of the way.

Is abortion right for me?

You may want to talk to your doctor to learn more about what an abortion would involve. There are alternatives to abortion that may be positive for the mother and child. If you decide against abortion, but still feel you are unable to parent, adoption may be the right answer for you. In the end, this is a personal decision that only you can make.

What if I can't decide?

You didn’t plan to be pregnant. So it’s totally natural in the beginning to feel overwhelmed and to be confused about what to do. But you can gain control of the situation, and we’re here to provide support and understanding. The first step is to spend some time thinking about parenting versus adoption. For some women who are pregnant, the adoption option turns out to be the ideal choice. For some, another pathway is best.

After exploring your options—and reflecting on your true feelings—you will come to a resolution within yourself, and be more at peace with your situation. Remember to listen to your heart. Only you know what feels right. Only you know what your plans and dreams are for your life, and for your baby’s.

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