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Amarillo & Lubbock

Office Line:


Office Line: 844-893-7943


Our Amarillo Office:

Here in Amarillo, “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” we are proud to serve as a local Texas Adoption Center branch, offering personalized adoption services for our citizens and surrounding communities. As a local branch, we understand how intimidating it can be to reach out to an agency to get started. For families looking to start their adoption journey, the process can seem overwhelming, stressful, and uncertain.

This is why Amarillo Texas Adoption Center embodies the principles of empowerment, support, and self-love. We don’t control your adoption story. We guide you along the way as you take your first courageous steps for yourself and your child. So whether you’re seeking to find a loving home for your newborn or want to explore your options, we are here to support you on your journey.

Once you’re ready, call our office line at 844-893-7943 or shoot us a text. We also offer in-person support services, which allows for better communication and one-on-one support. Reach out to us today to get started on adoption in Amarillo, Texas!


Our Team is Active in Lubbock

If your organization wants to learn more about adoption in Lubbock, Texas, we encourage you to get in contact with us. We can serve as your partner as you try to address the needs of your community. We also provide free adoption training for your staff, along with free informative materials. Keep reading below to see a sample of what else we can offer.

Chelsey in Lubbock
Chelsey in Lubbock

Services in Amarillo & Lubbock

General Adoption Services

We understand that an adoption process is a long, complicated procedure with many factors involved. Texas Adoption Center is committed to facilitating the process and fostering a natural, loving experience for all families. Our matching services allow us to pair expectant mothers with adoptive families in the hopes of establishing a beautiful, ongoing relationship. 

We also offer coordinated placement services to help families navigate the adoption finalization process. To ensure that children are placed in loving and nurturing environments, we also offer home study services that consist of at-home interviews and documentation.


Post-Adoption Services

We understand that adoption does not end at placement, which is why we’re committed to extending our support in this life-changing journey. Our post-adoption services allow us to monitor a child’s upbringing, ensuring that families feel supported in their ongoing efforts to establish a nurturing environment for their new member. 

We also provide ongoing emotional support in the hopes that you and your family can navigate your adoption story and cultivate a supportive relationship with one another.    

Texas Adoption Center is ready to collaborate with your organization as we work to bring quality services to women, children, and families!

There are no words for how appreciative we are to Texas Adoption Center for helping build our family. We started our journey in late spring of 2019. After getting everything together and backgrounds completed in the end of summer, we were blessed with a little boy in December of 2019. The company was extremely easy to work with and very sensitive to our wants. I still have moments of wow, and can't be any happier. Now in June of 2020, we get to finalize our adoption. Thank you Texas Adoption Center!!! Our family is eternally grateful!
Adoptive Father L.R.
Amarillo, TX

Where We Are

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX.

Pregnant? Considering placing your child for adoption?

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX. If you are an adoptive parent, please visit the Dallas location page to submit a contact form.

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