Types of Adoption

You get to choose the type of adoption plan you’re most comfortable with.

Open Adoption

This is a common choice for many women. The adoption is “open” because you pick the family, you know who they are, and you decide what kind of relationship you want to have with them. You are free to start building this relationship before delivery.

For open adoptions, depending on how your connection progresses, you may want to exchange direct contact information with the family, such as phone numbers and email addresses. After delivery, you may want to spend time with the family and the baby at the hospital—depending on how you feel and what you think is best. Then, you may want to keep up with the family through direct contact (phone calls, texts), and you might even visit with them down the road. But you may choose not to do these things, or simply to do them in your own way. You are in control. You decide. All adoption plans are unique—and yours will be too.


After delivery, you have the option of spending time with the baby while you’re at the hospital — again, this is entirely your choice — and in the months and years ahead, you may (if you want) receive pictures and letter updates, but there will be no personal visits or contact.

This is another common option. You can choose a family that best fits the hopes and dreams that you have for your child. You can decide if you want to meet them and build a relationship before delivery. The adoptive family can send letters and photos as your child grows, to help you feel at peace. 

Closed Adoption

If you want the adoption to be “closed,” you will usually ask us to pick a family for you. After the family is chosen, you typically won’t meet or have a relationship with them, you won’t have any visits once the baby is born, and you won’t receive any pictures or updates later on.

This kind of adoption is less common nowadays. Even with a “closed” adoption, however, you can still choose just how “closed” you want the process to be. Every adoption plan is unique and reflects what you want.

The Power to Choose

First off, private adoption puts the power in the expectant mother’s hands by allowing her to choose the type of adoption she is looking for. Prospective parents can also let an agency know what type of adoption they would prefer.

The agency can then find a match between people looking to adopt and expectant mothers looking to place a baby for adoption who share the same goals. An expectant mother looking for an open adoption in Texas could be presented with a couple in another part of the state that is also looking for a open adoption in Texas. The agency facilitates the adoption process and ensures that the needs of both groups are met.

Access to Important Information

Another thing that makes private adoption unique is that the expectant mother has access to relevant information about the families that are hoping to adopt. Thanks to adoptive parent profiles, an expectant mother can learn about the couples who want to adopt the child.  

Plus, she can request more information about them from the agency. This allows her to make a well-informed decision about who will raise the child. Though this information is accessible to the expectant mother, she does not have to request it. This depends on the type of adoption she chooses.

The access to information also allows adoptive parents to learn about the child they will be adopting. An adoption agency can provide adoptive parents with information about the pregnancy, as well as family medical history and other important details about the child, not often available in public adoption.

A Dedicated Support System

Lastly, access to an adoption specialist is a great benefit of private adoption. An expectant mother will have a dedicated specialist to help her form an adoption plan and support her every step of the way. Many expectant moms develop deep and lasting relationships with their adoption specialist.

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