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I'm Pregnant / Already Delivered

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Many women faced with an unplanned pregnancy find that adoption is a loving way to deal with a difficult situation. Before you make your choice, we encourage you to learn what adoption can mean for you and your baby. We know this is a sensitive time for you, and we are here to support you.

Are you pregnant or have you
already delivered?

We believe every woman is unique and different; that’s why we help customize an adoption plan just for you. Choosing adoption is courageous and we’re here to help you understand how to place your baby for adoption.

Adoption means you’re doing what’s best for your child. It means placing your child with a loving family.

Build your adoption plan

The best part about adoption today is that you’re in control. The adoption plan for your baby will be your plan, based on your choices. You can choose the family based on lots of information about who they are and what kind of home they will provide for your baby. You can also decide how much contact you’ll have with the family, both before and after the baby is born — you can choose to know them well, simply to meet them, or never to meet them at all. The choices on how to give your baby up for adoption are yours and we will be there right by your side.


In the beginning, it’s common to think that adoption means you’re somehow “abandoning” your baby. But the more you learn, the more you realize it doesn’t mean that at all. Adoption means you’re doing what’s best for your child. It means placing your child with a loving family. It means creating a plan to make sure your child has a beautiful life — a life full of opportunities that you might not be able to provide right now. It means, in other words, that you’re a good mom.

Placing Your Baby for Adoption

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is a delicate situation, which is why transparency throughout the entire process is essential. As a birth mother, you’ll want to know how to give your baby up for adoption. Your process will be unique to your individual circumstances but may look similar to:

  1. Know your options. The first step is to review all of your options. This can be done through personal research and by consulting an adoption specialist. Remember that the final decision is yours, so you should choose the option that works best for you.
  2. Contact an adoption center. If you feel that adoption is the best choice for you, it’s time to contact an adoption center. The Texas Adoption Center team is ready to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Choose an adoption plan. With your adoption center, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the type of adoption you’d prefer. This will be when you decide between an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.
  4. Browse families. Open and semi-open adoptions provide the opportunity for birth mothers to choose a waiting family. Your adoption center will likely have a detailed list of families that you can look through when making your decision.
  5. Create a hospital plan. Once you’ve created your adoption plan, your adoption center will assist you through the hospital process. Texas Adoption Center will be with you every step of the way, from labor and delivery to providing support after birth.
  6. Place the baby for adoption. This is the most courageous step of the journey — signing the paperwork to ensure your child will have the best life possible. Two days after birth, you’ll fill out the final documentation and your baby will go home with their adoptive parents.
  7. Receive continued support. The adoption journey doesn’t just end when everyone returns home from the hospital. Your adoption plan may call for regular contact or check-ins with the family, and your agency is here to provide you with continued support throughout life.

At the end of the day, how this process goes is unquestionably yours to decide. We’re ready to support you every step of the way to ensure your adoption works for you.

Why Choose Adoption?

Along with knowing how to give your baby up for adoption, you may be wondering why this option may be best for your situation. This is a monumental decision, and it’s best to know why birth mothers choose adoption.

Not Prepared for Parenthood

There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding parenthood is not a viable option. Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, and it’s okay to decide you aren’t ready for parenthood. If this is the case, adoption can be an excellent choice.

Financial Situation

While the experience of having a child should not revolve solely around money, your financial situation may just play a part in your decision. You want your child to have the best life possible, and being able to provide for your child is a part of that.

Rotating Home Environment

There are ample reasons why birth mothers may be moving frequently. From jobs to a love of travel, you may not be in one place for very long. Unfortunately, continuously moving can have a negative impact on a child’s emotional health. It is not an impossible situation, but it may be a factor to consider when weighing your options.

Personal Health

Parental health issues, both mental and physical, play a role in raising a child. If you find that you are not in a personal health situation that allows you to choose parenthood, adoption can be a great choice.

Minimal Support

Raising a child does indeed “take a village” sometimes. Having to raise a child completely on your own can be a stressful situation. If you are unable to receive the emotional, physical, or financial support you need to raise a child, you may want to consider adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know how to give your baby up for adoption, but you may still have some questions. Check out a few of our FAQs below.

How much does adoption cost?

We understand that choosing adoption may already be a difficult decision, and an additional financial burden never helps. That’s why adoption for birth mothers is free. At Texas Adoption Center, we aim to assist birth mothers in any way we can. You won’t need to worry about the cost of placing your baby for adoption with us.

What if I’m not sure about adoption until after birth?

Questioning your original plan is a completely normal part of the process. That’s why last-minute adoptions are an option. They work a little differently than a normal adoption plan based on a quicker timeline, but your adoption center can walk you through each step.

What’s the best way to build a relationship with the adoptive parents?

If open or semi-open adoption is what you’ve chosen, building a relationship between yourself and the adoptive parents may make all the difference. There are a variety of ways that you can build this relationship, starting by taking it slow. There is a mix of emotions involved in the adoption process, and your shared relationship can be a sensitive situation at first.

What if I change my mind before the adoption is finalized?

If you’re beginning to question your decision, you have a few options. It’s important to speak with your adoption center about these feelings so you can navigate the process together. In many states, birth mothers have anywhere between 48 to 72 hours after birth to make the final decision. Before the final paperwork is signed, you are more than within your rights to change your mind and decide parenthood is the route you’d like to take.

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