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Post-Adoption Services in Texas for Adoptive Families

At Texas Adoption Center, we understand that the finalization of the adoption is not the end of the process; it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

After taking placement, adoptive families need support and guidance. Your new addition comes with a lot of new territory. That’s why we offer post-adoption services for all of our adoptive families and we can provide post-adoption supervision services for any family living in Texas, even if you did not take placement from our agency.

To explore our post-adoption services and get answers to frequently asked questions, read on.

Post Adoption Services for Adoptive Families

As a licensed child-placing agency, Texas Adoption Center provides professional services with a personal touch. Adopting a child is a life-altering experience that involves a detailed process. We understand this and have worked with countless families to bring the support necessary for a smooth transition. Take a look at Texas Adoption Center’s post-adoption services below.

Post-Placement Supervision

This is the time the child is placed with the Prospective Adoptive Family, but they have not finalized their adoption yet. During this time, we monitor the home to ensure a safe and healthy placement for the child and ensure all triad members are supported, valued, and set up for a successful adoption plan.

Post-Placement Reports

Post Placement reports are written after each required supervision visit in the home during the post-placement period. The reports explore topics like the child’s health and bonding, family adjustment, community support, ongoing communication with the birth family, and any milestones the child is reaching, etc. The number of supervision visits and reports required will vary based on the state of placement and finalization. If taking placement from a Texas child placing agency, five visits are required in the six-month post-placement period.


Another post-adoption service provided to our adoptive parents is finalization. We work with a law firm in Texas to finalize all of our adoptions through our agency. Once the post-placement supervision is complete, our agency will consent to the adoption and coordinate with the law firm so they have everything they need to finalize in a timely and efficient manner.

Emotional Support & Ongoing Communication

We offer ongoing emotional support to adoptive families related to their adoption plan. We are here for any assistance needed in ongoing communication with the birth family, encouragement for navigating a supportive and healthy relationship for all members of the triad, and for resources for families as they openly share their adoption story with their child in age-appropriate ways as they grow.

Post Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some guidelines to follow when discussing adoption with your child.

  • Start discussing the adoption from the moment you bring them home. Don’t try to hide the fact that they are adopted.
  • Be age-appropriate.
  • Always be open and honest. Talking about the adoption regularly can help build trust between you and your child.
  • Express your excitement and gratitude about the way they came into your life. Speak positively about the birth family.
  • Recognize that talking about adoption is not a one-time thing.

Adoptive families can adopt again with our agency as soon as their first adoption is finalized. They will need to contact their home study agency for a home study update to get the process started again and submit a new agency application.

If your child’s first mother contacts us about another adoption plan, we will discuss her wishes and contact you immediately if she desires to place with you again.

No, your home study must be active and valid at the time of placement. After finalization, you no longer need an active home study unless you are pursuing another adoption.

Once the adoption is finalized, there are no more post-placement requirements. However, we love to stay in touch with our adoptive families, so pictures and updates are always welcome!

Our attorneys will order the amended birth certificate after finalization, and you should receive it within 3-5 months from Texas Vital Statistics. Once you receive the birth certificate, you can take it and the adoption decree to your local social security office to apply for a social security number for your child.

If you need a social security number to claim your child as a dependent on your taxes, you can go to and submit an application for an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN). As a word of advice, an ATIN is no longer an eligible option after finalization. If tax season is approaching, submit the application promptly after placement to avoid an extension while waiting for the amended birth certificate and SSN once the adoption is finalized.

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