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Our East Texas Office:

Here in Tyler, Texas, “The Rose Capital of America,” we are proud of our commitment to providing localized adoption services for expectant mothers and prospective adoptive families in and around our community. As a local division of Texas Adoption Center, we strive to provide exceptional support and education so that expectant parents can make the best choice for them and their baby. Our adoption specialists are ready to guide you and your family on this transformative journey.

We go beyond the basics of adoption by guiding you every step of the way. What makes us stand out from other agencies? We advocate, educate, and support expectant mothers as they determine if adoption is right for them. If you are considering adoption in or near Tyler, Texas Adoption Center is ready to hear from you! Give us a call at 844-893-7943. We serve those in the Longview area as well as those in Nacogdoches and Lufkin.

Amanda D

Our Team is Active in East Texas!

Do you want to learn more about adoption? If so, consider partnering with Texas Adoption Center. As a supportive agency, cultivated by educated specialists, we are ready to collaborate with you to bring quality services to those who seek adoption in or near Tyler, Texas. On top of free adoption training, we also offer the following services:


Adoption Services

Without proper guidance and support, it can become intimidating to navigate a standard adoption procedure. Our adoption services are designed with a personalized touch, ensuring that all families flourish on this beautiful journey together. We vet our prospective adoptive families through home study services, so each child has an opportunity to receive love and support in a safe, nurturing environment.  

Our individualized matching services allow us to help expectant parents and adoptive families build trust and establish ongoing communication on this life-changing journey. 


Post-Adoption Services

Adoption doesn’t end once placements are made, which is why we go the extra mile with our post-adoption services. Birth parents should know, we are your supporters for life, providing ongoing grief and loss counseling. We are here to help!

We ensure everything goes smoothly by collaborating with legal professionals to finalize the adoption process. We also set adoptive families up for success by supervising adopted children in their new homes. Doing so allows us to assess any concerns that may disrupt a child’s well-being. We provide resources and support to adoptive families even after the adoption process has been completed to ensure a happy and healthy environment. 

Adoption in East Texas should be a wonderful experience. Contact us to discuss starting the adoption journey. 

As adoptive parents, our experience with TAC was excellent! We felt warmly received and guided through the whole process. From match, through our hospital stay, and arrival home, our adoption specialist, Lindsay, could not have been more caring and supportive. We are so grateful!
Adoptive Mother A.L.
Dallas, TX
After an extensive search for the right agency, we decided to partner with Texas Adoption Center - and we are so glad we did!. We have had nothing but the best experience with TAC, they are true professionals who have become an extension of our family. Kaitlyn welcomed us with open arms, she had a genuine eagerness to help in whatever way she could and was a wealth of knowledge. Once matched, we were so so lucky to be put in contact with Jennifer who would be our Adoption Specialist until placement. It's hard to explain just how great she is.... She is the ultimate partner, with a deep understanding of the process and was able to guide us through the twists and turns of the adoption journey. She was always available to us - willing to answer questions (at whatever hour or day of the week) and provided the support exactly when it was needed. At the beginning of the process you really don't know what to expect, but looking back we are just so glad we had Jennifer by our side. We also had the pleasure of working with Stacy who has been so amazing! We are just so blessed to have been matched with an incredible birth Mom, had the support of a world leading agency and of course now to be the very proud parents of the perfect baby boy. We give our absolute highest recommendation and our deepest thanks to the Texas Adoption Center.
Adoptive Father S.C.
Dallas, TX

Where We Are

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX.

Pregnant? Considering placing your child for adoption?

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX. If you are an adoptive parent, please visit the Dallas location page to submit a contact form.