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Austin & Central Texas

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Office Line: 844-893-7943

Our Austin & Central Texas Office

If you’re looking for an adoption office in the Austin or Central Texas area, Texas Adoption Center is here for you. Being just outside of Austin allows our adoption agency team to serve families across Central Texas. Whether you’re in Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, Bastrop, Kerrville, Killeen, or Bryan/College Station, our team can help! Call, text, or email us today.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our office is ready to serve you. We pride ourselves on the individual attention we provide to those we serve. That includes expectant parents, birth mothers, birth fathers, children placed for adoption, and adoptive parents. We can’t wait to meet you!

Pregnancy Support in Austin and Central Texas

Our Austin area adoption center offers you support and assists with accessing medical care. We know that pregnancy and the birth experience require lots of compassionate care. We can connect you to community resources for prenatal care options, assist with securing health insurance and provide emotional support. Unplanned pregnancies can be stressful. Let us help!

Our Austin & Central Texas Office

Texas Adoption Center provides localized services for expectant mothers and adoptive parents. As an agency committed to establishing a supportive environment for all parties involved, we understand how sensitive the adoption process can be.

Texas Adoption Center is ready to guide and empower you on your life-changing journey. There is no place for judgment or intimidation at our agency. Our laid-back staff operates as advocates, educators, and mentors who understand the courage it takes to make this selfless decision. 

Our team is ready to take your call at 844-893-7943 or shoot us a text to learn more about adoption. We also offer in-person support services, ensuring you receive personalized guidance.

Picture of and quote from Austin team member Heather: "Adoption can be a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved, but it is a process rich in strength and bravery. Tears cried during an adoption are not always that of grief, but tears of joy in finding a forever home for a baby. Being a part of the adoption process is both heartwarming and rewarding."
Realizing that adoption was the best option for my son has been the hardest decision of my life and I wouldn't have been able to go through with it if it weren't for Kenna, the adoption specialist that worked with me through the entire process. She is always checking in on me and she has a great way of helping me through the difficult moments. Having her at the hospital with me during, and after labor was extremely helpful, she was there for everything I needed and she isn't afraid to speak up for you if there is a problem. I knew adoption was the right decision and that my baby was going to the best family because Kenna helped me set up my adoption plan the way I wanted too, and because of that, I will still be able to see and visit my baby in the future, but I also have memories and things from the hospital that is my baby's that I can look at everyday so that I can remember those precious moments I had with him. Everything Kenna did was to help me know that what I was doing wasn't selfish, but the most loving thing I could do to give my son the best life he could possibly have. I appreciate everything that Kenna has done to help me through this process, because even though it is difficult, every decision was made out of love.
Birth Mother B.P.
Austin, TX
My experience with Texas Adoption Agency was phenomenal. I had the privilege of working with them as a nurse in the hospital and the commitment and compassion they showed not only in finding parents for an infant needing adopting but also supporting the mother giving her baby up for adoption was exceptional. Kenna was the social worker and she was so quick to respond and find a family and was so helpful in supporting the mother during her labor. I highly recommend Texas Adoption Agency.
Nurse C.M.
Austin, TX
I wish I could give Texas Adoption Center more stars than 5! As an adoptive family, we have been blessed to have the TAC team walk alongside of us. From the moment we began working with them, I was impressed with the amount of detail and organization they put into their work. The adoption journey can be intimidating and overwhelming, but Stacey & Kaitlyn were extremely encouraging, patient and always quick to answer questions. Each person on this team is equipped with the knowledge, passion and strength to do their part so well which allowed us to navigate this process with more grace and ease. There is always someone there to guide you through each step of the way! When we matched with our little one’s birth family, we were connected to our adoption specialist, Kenna. Kenna has a friendly, warm and welcoming spirit. We admire her knowledge, professionalism, and passion for providing support to both adoptive and birth families during this process. It was important to us that our daughter’s birth family felt loved and supported before and after placement, and we knew that with Kenna, this was being done. We have a heart for openness in adoption, and truly valued how Kenna helped us develop and nurture a healthy relationship with our daughter’s first family. While we were in the hospital, she communicated well to necessary hospital staff, bringing light to the adoption plan making sure this was respected, all while comforting and helping both families. We love the way she cares for every single part of the adoption triad! Right here is what makes TAC stand out from other agencies. She truly is the best at what she does and we are so thankful for the part she played in completing our family! Her friendship and support she provided our family are something I will always cherish. No matter where you are in the US, I would highly recommend beginning your journey to adoption with Texas Adoption Center.
Adoptive Mother W.N.
Austin, TX
My adoption process went so smoothly! I thank Kenna for that! Being a teen & making such a hard decision, Kenna didn’t pressure me into anything! She explained everything to me, she also made sure I understood what she explained before I signed any paperwork. She also included my parents! I’m really glad she allowed my parents to be involved too! Kenna let me decide everything! From meeting the adoptive parents before I was due, to the hospital plan! She made sure I was happy for my baby. She also allowed a phone call with the adoptive parents, before meeting them in person. I’m beyond blessed I found a caring, loving family for my daughter! She was also a big help during my delivery too! She was there before my daughter was born, & she’s still here for me now 2 months almost 3 months later! I’m thankful I found Kenna, she really did make everything go smoothly, & she keeps her word about everything! I definitely recommend this agency if you’re considering adoption or if you choose not to raise your beautiful child! Thank you Kenna!
Birth Mother J.R.
Austin, TX

Where We Are

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office in Dallas, TX.

Pregnant in Central Texas? Considering placing your child for adoption?

All adoptive parent and home study services are provided through our main office, located in Dallas, TX. If you are an adoptive parent, please visit the Dallas location page to submit a contact form.

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