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Post-Adoption Services in Texas for Infant Adoption

At Texas Adoption Center, we understand that the finalization of the adoption is not the end of the process; it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

After the adoption takes place, both birth mothers and adoptive families are in need of support and guidance. That’s why we offer post-adoption services across all our Texas locations. With our experienced team, we’re bringing real encouragement and assistance at a time when you need it most.

To explore our post-adoption services for Texas birth moms and adoptive families and get answers to frequently asked questions, read on.

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Birth Parent Support

Post Adoption Services for Birth Moms

The effects of adoption on birth mothers can vary depending on the person. No matter how you are feeling post-adoption, you have access to our range of services.

Emotional Support & Counseling

We offer ongoing emotional support and in-house counseling related to your adoption plan—for the rest of your life. Your Adoption Specialist knows you need a great deal of emotional support during this time in your life—and she’s there for you. She will counsel you regarding separation issues, loss and grief issues, and other topics as appropriate. She’ll meet with you face to face for support, depending on your wishes.


Financial support is another post-adoption service that you can access through Texas Adoption Center. We are able to financially assist you while you’re still receiving medical care related to your delivery—typically 4-6 weeks after birth, while you rest and recover.


Medical care is another one of the post adoption services in Texas available for birth mothers at Texas Adoption Center. You deserve excellent medical care. All your pregnancy, labor, and delivery and postpartum medical costs will be paid. This way, you can focus on recuperating after delivery. From visits to your OBGYN to checkups and more, your adoption specialist is here for you.

Post Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Adoption Center provides lifelong support to our birth families. Having a rough day and need someone to reach out to? Contact us, day or night. Have questions about where to find a local birth mom support group? We will provide many resources, including in-person or virtual support groups, online blogs, social media pages to follow, books, grief counselors, and more. We consider you family and will always be here to walk this adoption journey with you, no matter how long it has been since you created an adoption plan.

An Ongoing Communication Agreement is designed to outline the mutual agreements of the birth parents and the adoptive family about their communication after placement. It is expected that birth families and adoptive families will follow the Agreement. The contents of the Agreement will be discussed with the birth parents and the adoptive family prior to placement, including frequency of photos, updates, visits, etc. It will be initiated by both the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s). The child’s best interest will be of the utmost importance when considering the agreement.

Depending on the birthparent(s) wishes, the adoptive parents can maintain a private online photo album account, where they will post photos of the child in an ongoing fashion, so that the birthparent(s) can view photos, videos, and updates, as they wish. Of course, direct texting, calling, or emailing is always an option in open adoptions, as well.

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