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Why Choose Us?

Modern and Professional

We have a fresh approach to today’s adoption. Our goal is to empower you through support and adoption education, so you can make the best choice for you and your baby. Our goal is for you to leave our program looking forward to a bright and productive future. We’ll be your supporters for the rest of your life.

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We empower you to feel safe and supported in your decision.

We help you to find the hope you need, even when things get difficult, by knowing that you are never alone.

My adoption process went so smoothly! I thank Kenna for that! Being a teen & making such a hard decision, Kenna didn’t pressure me into anything! She explained everything to me, she also made sure I understood what she explained before I signed any paperwork. She also included my parents! I’m really glad she allowed my parents to be involved too! Kenna let me decide everything! From meeting the adoptive parents before I was due, to the hospital plan! She made sure I was happy for my baby. She also allowed a phone call with the adoptive parents, before meeting them in person. I’m beyond blessed I found a caring, loving family for my daughter! She was also a big help during my delivery too! She was there before my daughter was born, & she’s still here for me now 2 months almost 3 months later! I’m thankful I found Kenna, she really did make everything go smoothly, & she keeps her word about everything! I definitely recommend this agency if you’re considering adoption or if you choose not to raise your beautiful child! Thank you Kenna!
Birth Mother "J"
Texas Adoption agency was there for me through the entire last few months of my pregnancy and was so sweet and helpful! It was an amazing experience and help me find the best parents for my beautiful daughter. If it wasn't for this agency I would have been alone for the birth and for the days after. It felt great to have someone to talk to and have a friend that would listen when I needed to talk. Thank you so much and I hope that future mothers who decide to place a baby for adoption have the same amazing experience as me!
Birth Mother A.F.
I’ve sat here & composed many different beginnings to this, but I simply can’t put it well enough how much love & respect I have for Stacey Manning. This woman helped me when I found out I was 6 months along & had absolutely no idea (I know I’m a real life TLC episode, but I know I’m not the only one out there!) she was my knight in shining armor to helping me find the perfect family for my boy. I was so very hesitant in the first steps of the adoption process, keeping in touch with the family, wanting to know baby updates post birth, but she kept me open minded & willing to try. Stacey helped me create new families for my unborn baby & I, and I’m forever grateful for her. She’s an absolute angel who will go through lengths to make sure you’re properly cared for & you have what you need to remain comfortable while you’re growing a small human! With her help you’ll find a family for your baby to be loved by unconditionally & no doubt she can help you search for a beautiful, new addition to your family. 💕
Birth Mother "L"
When we wanted to start our adoption journey, two friends recommended Texas Adoption Center and their wonderful staff. Kaitlyn G. answered so many questions and offered support before we even signed up to join the TAC family. We had a unique matching process and Stacey and Kenna were so helpful in their guidance and support throughout the difficult decisions. We ended up pairing with the best birth mom for us, very serendipitously. Her adoption specialist, Gina, formed a wonderful bond and clearly had a unique relationship with her. The relationship they formed led to a relaxed and special environment for us to all meet and be a part of the birth story. Our dreams came true when we welcomed our daughter into our family and we owe so many thanks to TAC!
Adoptive Parent Sara M.
We are so grateful we found TAC. Kaitlyn G was available at all times to answer our questions and even just to listen and offer encouragement when I needed it. Then once we were matched, we were blessed to work with our adoption specialist, Lindsay. We are grateful for her for many reasons, but one of the sweetest is how attentive she was to our birth mother. It brought so much peace to our hearts to know that our sweet mama had Lindsay watching over her through her whole pregnancy! Even in the hospital during delivery, Lindsay was making sure she was comfortable, making sure the nurses were tending to her, as well as communicating with us about what was going on. Adoption is a DIFFICULT journey, but Kaitlyn and Lindsay were like angels from heaven helping us the whole way.
Adoptive Parent Carrie B.
TAC is one of the best agencies, when I was pregnant I contacted quite a few adoption centers in my area. None of the agencies respond, I waited for a week or 2 and never got an email or call back. When I decided to reach out to TAC they respond very quickly and started the process with me that same day. The caseworker I was assigned to was great, she always asked how I was or if I needed anything and even after I delivered my baby, she still keeps in touch with me to check and see if I’m okay. The adoptive parents are all amazing in this agency, each other them has a unique story that will capture your heart. All of these couples are very much ready for a new family! The family I happened to choose is amazing, the adoption is very much open, and we keep in touch everyday. So I would highly recommend this agency for someone that is looking at the adoption process for their child.
Birth Mother "C"

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