Our Services

We are here to support you with anything you may need throughout your adoption journey.

Emotional Support

Your Adoption Specialist knows you need a great deal of emotional support during this difficult time in your life — and she’s there for you. She’s there for advice. She’s there for understanding. She’s there at your side when you meet with the adoptive family (if you choose to do that). She’s your confidant, your rock. And along the way, she and others within our agency will provide you with adoption-related counseling, education, and referrals to appropriate specialists who can help along the way.

Financial Support

We’ll take a look at your financial situation to see if there are areas where we can help you out. The law restricts what we can do. But we will help in whatever ways we can — for example, with utilities, groceries, phone, laundry, and personal-care essentials.

Housing & Transportation Assistance

We can help you with housing, aiming to ensure that you have a safe and stable living arrangement.

We can help you get to your doctor’s appointments, and also make it easier for you take care of your other pregnancy-related errands — whether it means giving you rides, or providing you with bus passes or gas money.

Medical Care & Health Insurance

You deserve excellent medical care.  If don’t have a doctor lined up, we can help you find one.

If you don’t have health insurance yet, we can work on getting you covered.  Either way, all your pregnancy, labor, and delivery and postpartum medical costs will be covered.