There is nothing more beautiful than welcoming a little bundle of joy into your life!

If you’ve decided to adopt, you probably want to learn more about how to get approved for adoption.

What are the adoption requirements in Texas? Do you meet the qualifications to be approved?

Find out everything you will need to do to get approved for adoption in Texas!

Adoption Requirements in Texas

If you’re planning to adopt through a private infant-adoption agency like Texas Adoption Center, there are some things to consider.

The approval process also varies widely from state to state. Adoption agencies are regulated by Texas’ state government.

But, many agencies can choose to have policies that have more than the minimum standards. So, you’ll need to inquire various agencies to learn about their rules.

Below are some of the general requirements you can expect for adoption agencies in Texas:

  • You must be 21-years-old or older. Many adoption agencies set a minimum of age 25.
  • Citizenship is flexible. Many agencies require that parents be lawful permanent residents or have U.S. Citizenship.
  • Background checks are required for everyone over the age of fourteen in the home.
  • All household members must have a current physical. Chronic conditions are evaluated case by case.
  • Marriage license and divorce decrees must be made available, when relevant.
  • Employment and salary verification are required. Copies of your 1040’s are often requested.
  • There must be enough space in the home for the adopted child.
  • You will need letters of reference from family members and non-relatives.
  • All animals living inside the home must have current vaccinations.
  • All household members will be interviewed.
  • The home environment must be clean, safe, and free of fire and safety hazards. The home will be reviewed by a professional.

The Process of Getting Approved for Adoption

1. Complete a Home Study in Texas

Every adoptive family must complete an home study in Texas to legally adopt a child.

The home study is a 10-20 page report with basic details about your family and home environment. In other words, the report helps make sure the child is placed in a loving, safe home and provides the basis for getting you approved.

So, how do you complete a home study in Texas? Here are the four steps:

  1. Complete a home study application. At the end of the application, there may be a fee you will need to pay in order to proceed with the process.
  2. At the end of the application, you will receive a list of documents you will need to give the agency.
  3. Once all documentation is turned in, an agency social worker will come to your home and interview all members of your household.
  4. The final report will include all the documents you give the agency and information from the interview. After the interview is completed, it takes about four weeks for the home study report to be completed and finalized.

2. Create Your Adoption Profile

The next step in the adoption process is completing your adoption profile. The profile is usually the only thing a birthmother will see when choosing the parents of her baby.

The profile should describe your personality as a couple or as a single parent. It should showcase your everyday self so birthmothers can get to know you. As an option, if you are a couple, consider writing about each other than writing about yourself.

What to Include in Your Profile

Here are some topics your profile could include:

  • Your career
  • Any pets you have
  • Hobbies you enjoy
  • A “favorites” list (i.e. favorite movies, foods, etc.)
  • Family traditions
  • Your home and community
  • Your parenting style / what kind of parents you hope to be

How to Organize Your Adoption Profile

While every adoption profile is unique, there is a certain way you will need to organize it. Generally, you will choose a website design service to help you with the layout. Here are some tips to help you organize it:

  1. Start with a message to the birthmother. You might acknowledge her courage and thank her for choosing adoption. Ensure the tone is warm, friendly, and welcoming.
  2. The second section is a great place for you to briefly describe yourselves and your lives. Show off your fun side so you don’t accidentally come across as stuffy or boring.
  3. Describe your relationship as a couple, and also yourselves as individuals.
  4. Include photos that show your personality and lifestyle. Also, show photos of your pets, your home, fun activities you enjoy doing, and your family.

To get some ideas about how to organize and write your profile, check out some profiles from other adopting families.
If you would like some help creating your profile, Texas Adoption Center is happy to help. Fill out a contact form to request one.

3. Apply to an Adoption Agency

After you’ve completed your home study and completed a profile, you will officially apply to the adoption agency of your choice. The agency will typically let you know within two business days whether or not you have been approved.

Once you are approved, the agency will present you with potential matches. In each case, the agency will ask you whether or not you would like to be considered for the adoption.

Choosing an Adoption Agency

Now that you are familiar with all the adoption requirements in Texas, you will need to choose an adoption agency to work with.

Texas Adoption Center is a local Texas adoption agency that works with adoptive families in nearly every state. They have a friendly, down-to-earth approach to modern adoption services.

All in all, Texas Adoption Center can help adoptive families by providing emotional support, legal services associated with the adoption, home study services, matching services, and more. If you are already connected with an expectant mother, Texas Adoption Agency can create a custom adoption plan for your unique needs.

In the end, every service Texas Adoption Center offers is warm, personal, and professional. To learn more, contact them at 512-893-7943.

Originally published in January 2017.

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