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Taking the first step in the adoption process is a monumental moment for all involved. Birth parents should be confident in their decision, and adoptive parents should be excited about the process. However, societal stigmas and common adoption myths can make it challenging to embrace the process. 

As more awareness is brought to adoption, most adoption myths have been debunked. Still, many common questions remain. This article will shed light on old adoption myths and discuss what you can really expect throughout your journey. 

The Truth Behind These 7 Adoption Myths

The adoption process has changed drastically over the years. While some myths rose from old practices that have transformed over the years, others have always been rumors. Unfortunately, many common adoption myths keep birth mothers from making the best choice for their families. Likewise, myths about adoption can keep adoptive parents from stepping into the process. 

Let’s discuss some of the common myths still prevalent in the adoption community and the truth behind them. 

1. Adoption is Expensive for Birth Mothers

While many pregnant women think that placing a baby for adoption is expensive, the truth is that it’s actually free. The adoption process is free for birth mothers. Many adoption centers will even provide financial support to cover the cost of having the baby. 

2. Only Married Couples Can Adopt

There are several parts to this myth. Many adoptive parents think they can’t adopt because they are single, don’t own a home, or are too old. The truth is that the approval process no longer relies solely on finding married couples to adopt. In most states, the qualifications you need to meet are:

  • 100% committed to the adoption 
  • Financially, emotionally, and physically stable to provide for a child
  • Live in a safe and stable home
  • Ready and excited to welcome a child with love and care

Beyond those requirements, most states don’t make any formal limitations. There is no reason why a child can’t find the perfect family to love and support them in a single-parent home. 

3. Open Adoptions Are Confusing for the Child

Another adoption myth is that open adoptions are confusing for the child. This can’t be further from the truth. Many open adoptions provide a child with a special relationship with their birth family and a biological connection that helps them avoid identity issues. Open adoptions look different from family to family. Still, the important thing is that the families focus on what’s best for all involved, especially the child. 

4. It Takes Years to Adopt

The adoption timeline varies based on several factors. Still, around 70% of U.S. adoptions are finalized within 1-12 months after a child is eligible for adoption. 

5. Birth Mothers Can Change Their Mind

The myth that the birth mother can suddenly show up at your doorstep to take back the child keeps many prospective adoptive parents from starting their journey. Of course, it’s a scary thought. Still, once an adoption is finalized, there is no possibility that the birth mother can legally change her mind. That’s because the legal reality is that birth mothers must relinquish and sign over their parental rights. And, in most cases, birth mothers are confident in their decisions. 

6. It’s Easier to Adopt Internationally Than in the U.S.

While many people have heard that it’s easier to adopt internationally than in the United States, the opposite is actually true. International adoptions require extensive travel, adding to the already expensive costs and increasing the time commitment to finalize the process. 

Additionally, many international adoption agencies have extensive requirements you’ll need to meet to adopt. Finally, you’ll need to verify the legitimacy of international adoption organizations because some overseas organizations have closed down suddenly with no refunds issued. For all these reasons, the local adoption process is typically less complicated. 

7. Most Pregnant Women Who Place their Babies for Adoption Are Teenagers

Although 1.1 million American teenage girls get pregnant each year, less than 2% place their babies for adoption. The majority of pregnant women considering adoption are between the ages of 25-35 years old. They choose adoption for many reasons, from not being able to afford to raise a child to giving their baby a better life. Regardless of why a birth mother chooses adoption, the fact remains that they are working in the best interest and love of their child. 

Do You Have Adoption Questions? Texas Adoption Center is Here to Help!

Now that we’ve shed light on the truths of these common adoption myths, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. There are countless services and resources available. Whether you are an adoptive parent or a birth mother looking at your options, Texas Adoption Center is here to help. 

Contact us online or give us a call or text at (512) 893-7943 for more information on the adoption process.

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