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Who Do I Turn To?

The adoption process can be long and stressful.

If you are a birth mother, you may even experience some effects from placing your baby for adoption, such as grief. Moreover, families of the birth mother may be affected as well. No matter your stage in the adoption process, you may benefit from an adoption support group.

When you’re ready to reach out to a birth mother support group, make sure you consider the time commitment, location, and level of support you’re hoping to receive. These factors will influence which support group you choose. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best birth mother support groups to help make your search a little easier. Chose between online and in-person birth mom support groups and find the place where you can process your adoption freely!

Benefits of Birth Mother Support Groups

Attending a birth mother support group is a great way to process emotions, share stories, and more. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and discuss how the adoption journey has been for you. The more you lean on these birth mom support groups, the more benefits you’ll receive. 


Placing your child for adoption can bring on a whirlwind of emotions. A birth mother support group is a welcoming place where you’ll find validation for every emotion you feel along the adoption journey. You’re never alone in this process — there are plenty of women who have been where you are and felt what you’ve felt. 


Part of the adoption process is learning how to heal and move forward with this journey. Since many women in birth mom support groups have been where you are, they are a valuable resource for healing. They can provide solutions, guidance, and next steps on how to process emotions and find peace of mind with your decision. 

Continuous Support

Birth mother support groups can extend outside of your normal meeting schedule. These women can turn into close friends who provide continuous support throughout your entire life. Don’t be afraid to reach out after meetings and get to know the women around you better. 

Online Birth Mother Support Groups

1. Birth Mom Buds

Location: Online

First on our list of adoption support groups is Birth Mom Buds. Birth Mom Buds is an organization that provides online counseling, support, and encouragement for birth mothers. They have many programs to provide support for birth moms recovering from the adoption process or pregnant women thinking about adoption.

For example, the Buddy System pairs birth moms of similar interests and similar adoption experiences to communicate and provide support for each other. Additionally, Birth Mom Buds have a chatroom, a newsletter, and a free helpline, as well as an annual retreat for birth mothers. These and many other programs provide much support for birth mothers everywhere.

2. Concerned United Birthparents

Location: Online

Concerned United Birthparents (CUB) is an online message board that serves as an adoption support group for all members of the adoption process. If you are a birth parent or part of their family, you may benefit from the insight and information other individuals have to offer!

3. Adoption Triad

Location: Online

Adoption Triad is an online support group for birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Find support, share stories, and connect with all those impacted by adoption through this safe space. Respect is of utmost importance to this support group, so you can feel comfortable sharing your story and communicating with and offering support to other birth mothers and families. 

4. Three Strands

Location: Online 

Birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and adoptees unite in this welcoming support group. Three Strands aims to create an unbreakable bond between these three key people in the adoption triad. By joining this support group, you’ll have the opportunity to share stories, ask questions, and lean on one another for support. 

In-Person Birth Mother Support Groups

5. Adoption Knowledge Affiliates

Location: Austin

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates knows that after a birth mother places a child for adoption, it can have a lifelong impact on her and her family. Therefore, they host a birth parent support group every other month in Austin, TX, for birth parents and their families. These meetings provide education and support for birth parents. Additionally, they offer a general education meeting for every member of the adoption process.

6. Birthmothers: Now and Then

Location: Houston

Located in Houston, TX, Birthmothers: Now and Then is a free support group for women who are placing their baby for adoption, have recently placed their baby for adoption, or have done so in the past. Whether the birth mother placed her baby voluntarily or involuntarily, Birthmothers: Now and Then welcomes all.

7. Great Love

Location: Ft. Worth

Great Love meets in Ft. Worth on the first Tuesday of each month. Here, birth mothers can share their experiences in a safe, loving environment. Whether you have already placed your baby for adoption or are planning to, Great Love is a nurturing environment for all birth mothers.

8. DFW Triad Support Group

Location: Dallas

A place of understanding and support, the DWF Triad Support Group is open to birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences, express emotions felt throughout the journey, and find healing through these weekly discussions.

9. Tapestry Birthmother Support Group

Location: Irving

Last, but not least, on our list of adoption support groups is Tapestry Birthmother Support Group. The group meets at the Irving Bible Church on the first Tuesday of each month. There, birth mothers can heal, find support, and feel understood. Experienced adoption counselors facilitate the meeting, helping women who have placed their baby for adoption feel understood and cared for.

Find Support While Placing Your Baby for Adoption

If you are thinking about placing your baby for adoption, Texas Adoption Center can support and guide you through the process. This is a friendly and safe place where you can learn about your options. Texas Adoption Center’s goal is to empower you as you face the next steps in your life, even if they seem scary. We are here to support you not only during the adoption process but also for years to come!

Whether you are pregnant or have already delivered, our adoption specialists are here to help! To learn more about how to start the adoption process or find more birth mother support groups, contact Texas Adoption Center today online or at (512) 893-7943.

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