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Adoption can be both a complicated and inspiring process. When you choose to place your child for adoption, you are selflessly putting their needs before everything else. While the feelings and emotions can get messy, the action of placing your child for adoption is brave. Even if you don’t choose an open adoption, you will always be a vital member of your child’s adoption story. The adoption triad is a reminder of the interconnected relationships that exist through adoption.

If you’re considering adoption, it’s essential to know that you are not alone. Not only are there people to help you through your journey, but there are countless resources available throughout the process. Let’s take a closer look at the adoption triangle of love.

What is an Adoption Triad?

There are many different routes you can take when entering the adoption process. While your journey may look quite different from someone else’s, one thing will always remain the same. The adoption triad symbol reminds us that adoption will always bring together three main groups of people that make your story complete.

The universal adoption symbol includes a triangle surrounded by a heart. At each point of the triangle is one of the three primary adoption relationships that create the adoption triangle of love — the child, the birth or biological parents, and the adoptive or foster parents. Before we jump into the importance of the adoption triad, let’s talk about how adoption agencies support each member of the adoption triangle.

Birth Parents

Sometimes called first parents, birth parents are the biological parents of the adoptee. Every child’s connection to their birth parents is different. Some adopted children know little to nothing about one or both of their birth parents. Others have an open relationship that allows them to stay in contact and even visit their birth parents.

Regardless of what your relationship looks like throughout the adoption process, birth parents are a vital part of the adoption triangle of love. Without your brave decision to choose adoption, your child’s adoption journey wouldn’t exist. Birth parents will always be an important part of the adopted child’s life.

When you create your adoption plan, you have several options. Your child can be placed with a loving family in a closed, semi-open, or open adoption. In a closed adoption, their adoptive parents can decide what information to share with them and when, but you may never see your child again. On the other hand, open adoption allows you to remain connected to your child in some way. Whether through phone calls, writing letters, or regular in-person visits, your open adoption is as unique as your family.

Before you decide which option is right for you and your child, talk to an adoption agency. They will provide you the support you need to make the right decision. Adoption agencies have worked with many different types of adoption plans. They can answer all your questions, provide you with valuable resources, and offer you the support you need every step of the way. As they help you through the decision-making process, you’ll have confidence in your finalized adoption plan.

Adoptive Parents

The second point of the adoption relationship is the adoptive parents. They are the parents who take full parental and legal custody of your child. Adoptive parents will love and support your child as if they gave birth to them. They have the most active role in the adoption triangle. Not only are they the primary caretakers of your child, but they are also forever linked to you as the adoptee’s birth parents.

Adoptive parents should honor their ongoing communication agreement with your adoption plan, once their legal adoption finalization is complete. If you enter an open adoption, the adoptive parents have the responsibility to honor everything they promised during your adoption agreement.

Adoption agencies also provide support for adoptive parents. These agencies understand that there are many feelings and emotions that adoptive parents experience as well. If you are looking to adopt a baby, an adoption agency can help you find the right fit for your hopes of what your adoption will look like. They can help you decide what type of adoption plan will work best for you and provide the support you need during the process.


The pinnacle of the adoption triad is the child or adoptee. Their relationship is reflected at the tip of the triangle because they connect everyone together. They are also the most important person in the process because their needs have to come first. Not only are they the reason the triangle started, but they are also the priority.

Regardless of how your adoption plan looks, the child will be forever bonded to both their birth and adoptive parents. They will learn and grow through their adoptive parents, but their heritage and background will be rooted in their birth parents. They will display traits of both families and always have a deep connection to each relationship.

Adoption agencies support the child through the adoption process as well. Whether it is finding the correct placement for your baby or supporting an older child with their open adoption relationships, adoption agencies always put the needs of your child first. They will help both the birth parents and adoptive parents with a smooth transition and adoption plan.

Why is the Adoption Triad Important?

Most parents don’t realize the importance of the triad until they’ve fully experienced the process of adoption. The adoption triad is more than a symbol. It is a reminder that all three relationships will be forever connected by the love you each have for your child. It is also a reminder that your child should always be the most critical consideration in the adoption process.

When you made the decision to place your child for adoption, you made them the top priority. You put their needs before yours. That doesn’t mean that your needs and feelings don’t play into the journey. Every person represented in the triangle experiences adoption in their own way, regardless of what your adoption plan looks like. The adoption triad reminds us that each relationship is the foundation of your journey. It shows us that every relationship is vital to the existence of the triangle. No matter what your adoption plan looks like or how you feel during the process, love remains at the center of your journey.

Get the Support You Need with Texas Adoption Center

Understanding the importance of the adoption triangle of love can help you truly know that you are not in this process alone. Texas Adoption Center provides the love, support, and resources you need to create the right adoption plan for your family. Countless young women have turned to us to help them through the adoption process. We empower you to feel safe and supported in your decisions.

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