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When she found out she was pregnant, she was already three and a half months along. Ready to end her pregnancy, the result of a rape when she was passed out, she felt hopeless and alone. Then, 4 months in, she realized there were two babies inside of her. Twins.

“In my mind, approaching four months was too far along for me to have an abortion,” birth mom “B” said. “I think that’s why that happened because God had an ultimate plan in the end and I couldn’t see it,” she said.

Almost nine months later, birth mom B’s twins are happy, healthy, and living with their incredible adoptive birth parents. Birth mom “B” is thriving, working on a savings plan, attending a weekly bible study and working on herself.

“Every day I’m just like excited,” she said. “I feel like I’m saving up for them, for something in the future. I’m just going to work as hard as I can and strive for that day that they’re ready to meet me.”

Birth Mom “B” has a come a long way since joining the Texas Adoption Center family.

From Betrayal to Newfound Love and Support

After finding out the pregnancy was a result of an assault by a close family friend, she felt betrayed. As she spoke up and told her family, they stopped talking to her and pushed her away. She felt abandoned and alone.

“Birth Mom B” said she told God that she was going to terminate her pregnancy. But, she said she could tell he had a different plan when she found out she was pregnant with twins.

She was distraught and felt like she was ready to end it all. But, she pushed on and began searching for a family to adopt her child. She found a couple on her own, without the help of an adoption agency. They seemed like a perfect fit. But, she walked away after noticing some red flags and realizing they hadn’t been completely honest with her.

At 6 months pregnant, Birth Mom “B” didn’t have a plan for what she was going to do with her babies.

Then, she called Texas Adoption Center.

When Texas Adoption Center Stepped In

“They are like angels, they came and saved me,” she said. Birth Mom “B” started working with her Adoption Specialist, Stacey, who helped her by taking her to doctors appointments.

“She was doing everything she needed to do for me to make sure I didn’t feel like I was by myself,” she said.

By the time Stacey told birth mom “B” it was time to choose a family, the two had built a strong relationship based on care and trust.

Choosing An Adoptive Family

Birth mom “B” fell in love with the first family Stacey showed her.

“They were exactly who I wanted,” she said. “Their tone, their background. They were the kind of people I grew up with when I was a child,” she said.”

After reading all about the adoptive parents, Birth mom “B” was sold. Stacey arranged a phone call with the couple, who were even more impressive than birth mom “B” imagined.

“I felt peace. I felt so good inside. I asked her, are these real people?” she said

Stacey and Texas Adoption Center helped birth mom “B” through the rest of her adoption journey. From meeting the adoptive parents in person, holding her hand through labor and delivery, and continuing to support and encourage her today.

How Is She Now? Strong and Motivated

Today, birth mom “B” says her adoption journey has made her stronger.

“I met so many amazing people through this journey and I’m inspired,” she said. “I’m so glad that I went the route that I did and I would tell anybody else that if they can’t do it, go through an agency like Texas Adoption Center because there you will find hope and support.”

She’s still dealing with the aftermath of her pregnancy with her family and working to get her post-pregnancy body back. But, birth mom “B” said she believes the best is yet to come.

“I didn’t think I was going to come out a winner at the end, but I’m winning,” she said.

At Texas Adoption Center, we help women like birth mom “B” through some of the most difficult periods of their life. We provide hope and relentless support because we know our birth mothers are some of the strongest, bravest, most inspiration women out there.

If you or anyone you know wants more information about their options during pregnancy or about adoption, call us today at 512.893.7943. We can’t wait to connect with you.

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