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My friends just don’t get it! Is there anyone else I can turn to?

Placing a baby for adoption can be a stressful time for birth mothers. It is a sensitive experience where some personal stories and advice can go a long way. Birth mother blogs offer the testimonials of birth mothers who have gone through the adoption process and wish to help others. These blogs offer candid stories and useful information about adoption centers and what to expect once you are there.

Here are five birth mother blogs for women considering adoptions.

Stay Connected With These 5 Birth Mother Blogs

A Birthmother Voice


Kelsey Stewart is the author of the book “Best for You”. It’s a children’s book that explains why a mother places her baby for adoption. In her blog, she discusses the trials and tribulations she has gone through as a birth mother. In addition, she extends a hand to others like herself.

The blog is full of information regarding adoption and can help guide birthmothers through an overwhelming time. A Birthmother Voice stresses that this is a time to reach out to others for help and support.

Birth mom Buds


Birth mom Buds is an organization that provides emotional support to birth mothers as well as information regarding adoption. Birthmothers Coley and Lani founded the organization after finding one another and sharing their adoption experiences.

Together, the two birthmothers have created an active peer counseling group that continues to grow and brings people closer. The website has multiple forums and updates information daily about the latest adoption centers.  

Born to be in your arms


Born to be in your arms chronicles the journey of birth mother, Gen. Gen’s honest storytelling of her experience as a birth mother is one that several birth mothers may identify with.

Candidly, Gen writes about the difficult decision to place her baby for adoption, birth story, and adoption aftermath. Most recently, she documented her emotions and experience thus far on her child’s second birthday. In all, Gen’s explicit storytelling of her open adoption is the perfect blog for birth mothers who are considering adoption.

Blessings in Disguise


Birthmother Elizabeth chronicles her journey since choosing to place her baby for adoption in this touching blog. Written in a diary entry format, the blog is filled with stories about the mixed emotions that birthmothers know too well. The writing is sincere and worth a read if you’re hoping to find someone who understands the complex emotions you’re experiencing.

The Happiest Sad


Jill offers a complete look at the adoption process from start to finish and beyond. Her decision to place her nine-week baby for adoption is chronicled here for all birthmothers to see. The blog aims to reach out to birthmothers who may feel alone either before or after the adoption process. Jill offers a sincere account of impactful events in her life.

Ask the Professionals

Texas Adoption Center offers additional information for birth mothers. Whether you need to inquire about adoption procedures or get in touch with our counselors, the information is available on Texas Adoption Center’s site.

This is an overwhelming time indeed but remember that you are not alone. Remember, there is an army of birth mothers like Gen and Elizabeth who can support you. In addition, we understand the difficult decision ahead and are here to help. We hope the information in this blog makes the process a bit easier! Don’t forget to reach out for help and support.

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