birth mother gifts to give at the hospital

What are appropriate birth mother gifts?

Most adoptive families are matched with an expectant mother a few weeks to months before the baby’s birth. In an open adoption, if the birth mother chooses to meet you, you may want to give her a gift to express your sincere appreciation for the wonderful gift of choosing to place her baby with you.

But when should you give the gift? You may decide to give a gift when you first meet the birth mother, at the hospital after she gives birth, or you could send her a gift at a later time. Every circumstance is different. However, many lawyers advise waiting to give a gift until after the birth mother has signed the papers at the hospital and everything is finalized.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most heartfelt birth mother gifts to give at the hospital.

What Gift Should You Give a Birthmother at the Hospital?

Before the due date arrives, consider there thoughtful birth mother gifts to show your appreciation!


First on our list of birth mother gifts is a locket. Nothing is more heartfelt than a personalized gift! If you get the chance, take a picture of the newborn at the hospital and place the picture in a locket. This way, the birth mother can carry a little piece of the baby with her.

Recordable Book

While you won’t be giving the recordable book to the birth mother, it is still a heartfelt gift she is sure to love. Basically, you can record the birth mother’s voice so the baby can hear it. This is a great way to allow the birth mother to feel connected with the child.

Birthstone Ring

A ring with the baby’s birthstone is a perfect gift because it’s personalized and subtle. Many birth mothers don’t want a flashy gift that will prompt people to ask questions. Rather, a birthstone ring can pose as a personal reminder to the birth mother.

Recovery Basket

After giving birth, a woman will have to recover physically. A birth mother who placed her baby for adoption will likely have to recover emotionally as well. In the basket, you may consider putting in some things that would allow her to pamper herself while she is recovering, such as chocolates, bath bombs, lotions, and other items.

Matching Bracelets

If you have had the chance to get to know the birth mother, you might consider giving a respective gift. Buy three matching bracelets: one for you, one for the birth mother, and one for baby. This gift will show the birth mother the special connection the three of you have.

Stuffed Animal

When you buy a stuffed animal for your baby, also buy a matching one for the birth mother. During the recovery time, the birth mother will have a comforting gift that will surely remind her of the baby. You can even personalize this gift even more and buy the birth mother’s favorite animal.

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