Should I keep my baby?

It is no surprise that unplanned pregnancies can result in feelings of fear and uncertainty. After learning of such an impactful turn of events, you might become overwhelmed with doubt, anxiety, frustration, and even confusion. There is no right or wrong way to process such a life-changing situation. 

After internalizing the big news, you might wonder if deciding to keep an unplanned pregnancy is the best idea. Only you can make this decision. Read on to learn more about your options so you can take that next step in your pregnancy.

Continuing Your Pregnancy? Factors To Consider

The question, “Should I keep my baby?” is a personal decision. No one can dictate how you respond to a significant event that carries life-altering implications for your body, your health, and your baby. Knowing whether or not you should carry your pregnancy to full-term or raise your child isn’t something we can decide for you. 

That said, we can provide you with a list of factors that can help ease the decision-making process. Here are some things to consider before going forward with a decision:

  • Financial capabilities: Raising a child is a financial challenge. There’s the cost of medical care, childcare, hospital visits, education, travel, etc. Evaluate your financial situation before coming to a decision.
  • Relationship with your partner: What kind of relationship do you have with the baby’s father? If you have a strong bond, then it may be easier to work together and decide on a co-parenting strategy.
  • Support team: It is crucial to have a support team you can rely on. Do you have family members or friends who can help you with childcare?
  • Personal and professional goals: What are your aspirations? Does raising a child fall into your lifetime goals? Whether you’re seeking to establish a career or finish post-secondary education, you’ll need to consider your future.

Alternatives To Terminating a Pregnancy

If you’ve decided that pregnancy termination is not what you want, there are alternative options. Let’s examine some of these choices if you choose to continue with your pregnancy:


If you’re comfortable with placing your children in the care of a loving forever family, then placing your baby for adoption is a good option. The benefit here is that you can take an active role in the process and ensure your baby is placed with a family who is ready for parenting. This includes finding a well-suited family, establishing an adoption plan, and determining what kind of relationship you want to maintain with your child. 

If you opt for open adoption, communicate with the adoptive family to discuss arrangements, visits, and the type of communication you want. 


Let’s face it: becoming a single parent is a monumental task. No woman should feel forced to take full responsibility for a newborn’s upbringing by themselves. If you are in a healthy relationship with your significant other, then co-parenting can relieve some of the challenges and feelings of uncertainty. 

If you can work well with the other parent then this can be a viable option for you and your baby. 

Unlike adoption, with legal guardianship, you retain some parental rights. The difference is that guardianship is a temporary arrangement. A legal guardian fulfills the role of a parent by taking in a child and providing for them. While guardians don’t have full authority over a child, they are allowed to make vital decisions involving education, medical care, discipline, etc.

If you’re facing difficult circumstances and need a temporary haven for your newborn, then legal guardianship — typically through a stable family member — can be an option to consider . 

Contact Texas Adoption Center for Assistance

How do you decide if you want to keep the baby? Whatever you choose, your choice should reflect the needs of your health, body, and your future.

If you are seeking guidance in a time of need, Texas Adoption Center is ready to support you. Our staff can connect you to the right resources as you navigate your pregnancy journey. Contact us for more information.

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