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Adoption is a beautiful gift and one that requires a detailed process before it can take place. Once you’ve chosen to pursue adoption, you might be wondering how the adoption process works and whether you should partner with an adoption agency or do it yourself.

This guide will cover the differences between an agency adoption and a do-it-yourself adoption in Texas.

Agency Adoption vs. Do it Yourself Adoption in Texas

Before you decide, understanding what an agency offers and what a do-it-yourself adoption entails are important. To find out what’s involved in each and decide what path to take, read on.

Agency Adoption

An adoption agency works to meet the birth mother’s needs and honor her wishes as the child is placed with the right family. When a birth mother decides to work with an adoption agency, she relies on the team of adoption professionals for help with the details of the process.

Working with an agency is also beneficial for those looking to adopt. Having a team of adoption experts on your side reduces confusion and stress each step of the way.


At Texas Adoption Center, a birth mother will create an adoption plan, select the type of adoption, and choose a family. In addition, for birth mothers, Texas Adoption Center offers representation to have all questions or concerns addressed before signing any adoption paperwork.

For the adoptive family, an agency will process the application and begin presenting expectant mother profiles to the family. From home study services to matching services, the agency ensures that the adoptive family moves through the process with ease. Because an agency provides legal adoption experts, adoptive parents don’t have to hire an attorney.


Both birth mothers and adoptive parents can take advantage of an agency’s expertise in adoption-related issues and years of experience. A team of dedicated professionals will handle each aspect of the adoption. Plus, they can provide adoption education and resources along the way. From counseling services to expert adoption help, both parties are in good hands.

The support does not end once the adoption is finalized. Post-placement emotional support is available to birth parents for life. This can include counseling and access to a network of organizations and connections in the community.


Birth mothers often wonder about the cost of placing a baby for adoption. Fortunately, this is entirely free for the birth parent. In fact, birth mothers can receive financial support throughout the pregnancy. Whether it is coverage for medical visits or help with living expenses, an agency can connect birth mothers with the monetary support they need.

For adoptive parents, an agency adoption indeed costs more than a do-it-yourself adoption. This is because an agency offers a streamlined, one-stop-shop for all of the complex adoption steps. These fees cover birth mother expenses and legal costs associated with the adoption.

Do it Yourself Adoption

Also known as an independent adoption, a do-it-yourself adoption in Texas involves the birth mother, the adoptive parents, and an adoption lawyer. Typically, this type of adoption works best when the adoptive parents and the birth mother already have a close relationship. For instance, if your relative or friend is adopting the child, you can pursue an independent adoption with confidence.


In an independent adoption, the birth parent and adoptive family pursue the adoption without an agency to facilitate it. In this situation, an adoption attorney is the one responsible for finalizing the process.

Adoption attorneys are knowledgeable about the relevant laws and regulations surrounding adoption in the state. This means that they can ensure the adoption meets all legal requirements.

With only an adoption attorney facilitating the adoption, many other factors are forgotten. One thing to consider when deciding between an agency or independent adoption is the trustworthiness of the other party. An independent adoption does not include screening services, meaning there is no professional vetting of the birth parents or birth mother. If the parties already know and trust each other, then this does not present a problem. But scams on both sides are a risk associated with independent adoption.


Some people prefer an independent adoption because there are fewer people involved in the process. While this is a benefit for some, it comes with a significant drawback—a lack of support. The burden of educating yourself about the adoption process (and avoiding misinformation) is a time-consuming one.

Additionally, feeling alone in your adoption journey is an emotional challenge. If either party needs counseling or emotional support throughout the independent adoption, they must seek and finance that help on their own.


For adoptive parents, an independent adoption is generally less costly than an agency adoption. This is partly because there is much less support available to the birth family. There is a lack of adoption counseling and education, and fewer people are involved in facilitating the adoption. The main cost associated with a do-it-yourself adoption in Texas is attorney fees that adoptive parents must pay.

Now, let’s discuss the cost of an independent adoption for the birth mother. Unfortunately, independent adoptions cannot offer any financial support to the birth parents. A licensed adoption agency must be involved for pregnancy-related funding to be provided to the birth mother. So the birth mother is responsible for her own medical costs, living expenses, and more if she opts for a do-it-yourself adoption.

Experience The Support and Service of Texas Adoption Center

As you can see, an agency offers a host of support services that relieve stress on both parties. At Texas Adoption Center, we provide quality adoption services to birth mothers and adoptive parents before, during, and after the adoption.

Our team of experienced adoption specialists has helped hundreds of birth mothers find the right families. With locations across Texas, we are here to help you along this journey. Contact us today to get your questions answered.

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