facts about unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy is a more common occurrence than you think. Many women have experienced an unplanned pregnancy and navigated this unexpected situation.

In this instance, it is helpful to examine the facts to get perspective on the situation. Read on for recent facts about unplanned pregnancy. 

5 Facts About Unplanned Pregnancy

1. Rates of Unplanned Pregnancy are High in the United States 

The United States has a much higher rate of unplanned pregnancy than other developed countries. 

The rates are higher in the United States, but there are also more programs for pregnant women. Adoption agencies across the country provide aid to women dealing with an unintended pregnancy. 

2. Unplanned Pregnancy Affects Older Women As Well

It’s a common misconception that unplanned pregnancy is something that only young women deal with. But researchers used data from the National Survey of Family Growth to look into this. They estimate that for women 40–44 years of age, 48% of pregnancies are unintended. 

3. Women Around the Globe Face Unplanned Pregnancy 

The World Health Organization analyzed pregnancy rates in 36 underdeveloped nations. The research revealed two-thirds of sexually active women who wanted to postpone or limit pregnancy stopped using contraception. They stopped due to fear of side effects, health concerns, and underestimation of the likelihood of conception. 

Globally, 74 million women living in low and middle-income countries have unintended pregnancies.  

4. Teen Pregnancy Rates are Decreasing

The National Center for Health Statistics reported a sharp decline in teenage pregnancies. In 2018, the birth rate among 15- to 19-year-old girls and women was less than half of what it had been in 2008. One possible cause of this sharp decline is wider access to birth control methods for young women.

Despite the decline, unplanned teen pregnancies are still taking place today. Pregnant teens need a support system during this time. Young women can learn about the options and resources available in light of an unplanned pregnancy. 

5. Rates of Unplanned Pregnancy Vary by Region 

One of the lesser-known facts about unplanned pregnancy is the prevalence in different regions. Southern and southwestern states experience higher rates of unplanned pregnancy, based on The Guttmacher Institute’s research. The states include:

  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Virginia
  • Texas 
  • New Mexico 

Additionally, highly populated states have a higher unintended pregnancy rate. States included in this list are New York, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

We hope you learned something new from these facts about unplanned pregnancy. Be sure to check out these Texas adoption statistics as well. 

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