how to find an amazing adoptive family for your baby

When you decide to place your baby for adoption, it can be difficult to figure out what you’re looking for in an adoptive family. It may be difficult to trust strangers to nurture and raise your child. But, there’s good news. There are so many wonderful couples hoping to adopt! As the birth mother, you get to choose the parent(s) or family for your baby!

Flipping through profiles and meeting prospective adoptive couples may seem nerve-wracking, but you will not be alone. Texas Adoption Center’s incredible Adoption Specialists will help you through every single step of the adoption process. We understand choosing to place your baby for adoption is a difficult decision. So, you can count on us to be there. Always.

Find an Adoptive Family That’s The Right Fit

If you are looking for parents to adopt your baby, Texas Adoption Center wants to help you along the journey with specialized services. Today, we’ll review things to consider when looking for adoptive parents along with some questions to ask during the adoption process. Here are eight things to consider as you search for your baby’s adoptive parents:

Adoption Type

What level of involvement do you want to have in your child’s life? When searching for adoptive parents, it’s important to communicate your vision for your relationship with your baby. Whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, it’s important that you and the adoptive parents are on the same page. The right adoptive parents for your baby will respect your vision and work with you to create a plan that you’re comfortable with.

The different adoption types make a huge difference in the involvement birth mothers have in their child’s life. The adoption triad is composed of the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, you will be in contact with your child and their adoptive parents. 

Having an agreement upon the type of adoption you want to pursue with the adoptive parents that both parties are happy with is vital. 


It’s completely normal to want your baby to be raised in a home that aligns with your values. When looking for adoptive parents, take note of the family’s values and beliefs. Adoptive parents will be open to sharing how they will raise and educate your baby with you. All of our loving adoptive parents have created profiles to give you a taste of who they are! You can browse through these profiles on our new website specifically for families!

Consider if the adoptive parents align with values that are important to you and the core beliefs you have. If you want your child to grow up following the same belief system you have, it means you will need to find an adoptive family that respects those wishes and ideally has the same beliefs. 

Ethnicity and Culture

Do you want your child to be raised by parent(s) who share your ethnicity or culture? Many couples will welcome any child with open arms, making an effort to both share their culture and celebrate your child’s. Regardless of whether you want your child to grow up in a diverse home, or with a family that shares your culture, you can find loving families who will wholeheartedly embrace your baby.

If having adoptive parents that share you and your child’s ethnicity and culture, share that with your Adoption Specialist at Texas Adoption Center. We will work with you to find an adoptive family that suits your preferences.


Do you want a family that is athletic and outdoorsy, a family that will teach your child the arts, a family that values education, or all of the above? Do you want your child to attend church regularly or to learn about the world through regular travel?

Write down a list of your dreams and hopes for your child. Write down experiences you want them to have and activities you’d like them to participate in. Share your vision with your Adoption Specialist! She can help you find families that can provide the kind of lifestyle you want for your child.


Location is another important factor to consider when looking for adoptive parents, especially when pursuing an open or semi-open adoption. You may want the family to live within a certain distance from you to make having a relationship with your child easier.

If you want your child to grow up in a family-oriented suburban neighborhood, then make that known to your Adoption Specialist. 

Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

Religious and spiritual beliefs play a role in many birth mothers’ decisions on what adoptive family they choose for their child. If your faith is important to you and you want to pass your faith or spiritual beliefs to your child, you will want to find an adoptive family that follows the same religious beliefs.

Religious alignment will ensure your child grows up learning about your faith and following the teachings you believe. Asking prospective adoptive parents about their religious and spiritual beliefs is super important. Although it might be nerve-wracking to ask, finding a family that is the right fit for your child is what matters.

Parents’ Occupations

When looking for parents to adopt your baby, you may want to consider their occupations. Is one of them a stay-at-home parent? Do you want your child to have a stay-at-home parent? These are important questions to ask that affect your child’s day-to-day experience. 

Parents’ occupations also play into the level of income expected for an adoptive family. Work with your Adoption Specialist to discern if you have specific requirements for potential adoptive parents.


Do the prospective adoptive parents already have children? Have they adopted other children before? What ages are the siblings in the family? Knowing if your child would grow up in a large or small family is an important consideration to factor into your decision.

If you grew up with several siblings and want your child to experience what it’s like to have a large family, let your Adoption Specialist know. There are plenty of families with children who are looking to adopt.

Placing your baby for adoption can be an emotionally trying time. You may feel a whirlwind of emotions and that’s completely normal. Many birth mothers who want to be a part of the search for their baby’s adoptive parents find the process exciting. Knowing their child will be loved and cared for by a family they picked out gives women a deep sense of peace.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, we would love to connect with you! We can give you more information about your options and answer any questions you may have about adoption. Contact Texas Adoption Center today, and check out some of our prospective Texas Adoption Families on our new website! The perfect family for your baby could be just a phone call away. Call 844.893.7943 today!

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