how to tell your family about an unexpected pregnancy

I’m pregnant! How do I tell my family?

Pregnancy can be a joyous occurrence for many; however, when it happens unexpectedly, it can leave a woman feeling lost and scared. This anxiety can be intensified at the thought of announcing the news to loved ones.

For those trying to determine how to tell your family about an unexpected pregnancy, stay tuned. We are going over five steps to help you take back control of an unexpected situation.

Tell Your Family About Unplanned Pregnancy: 5 Steps

Create a plan

In this situation, it is advisable to create a plan to decide how, when, and where you will tell your family. A few questions that you should take into consideration when creating an action plan are:

  • Will you tell all of your family at once?
  • Who is included in the discussion?
  • Where will you feel most comfortable having this discussion?

Tell your family about your pregnancy on your terms. Create an action plan that you will use to take control of the situation. Later, we will cover what information you may or may not want to tell your family.

Build a support system

For many experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, navigating it alone can be a difficult task. Build a strong support system of people you trust to support you through this process. This person or group of people can include a close friend, relative, or mentor.

Everyone’s situation is different. For this reason, if you are wary of telling a close friend or relative, seek a professional who can guide and support you. In this case, contact a help network, adoption specialist, or otherwise to hash out an appropriate plan.

Determine what information you want to announce

This step is crucial when telling your family about an unexpected pregnancy. Beyond the pregnancy news, you must determine what extra information your willing to announce at that moment. Common questions that you may receive are:

  • Who is the father?
  • When did this happen?
  • What are you going to do?

It is important to anticipate these questions and plan accordingly. Determine whether you want to answer these questions, or if you will divert the questions for another time. With this step, you can empower yourself and take control of the situation.

Practice with a trusted individual

Practice makes perfect! Determine how to tell your family about an unexpected pregnancy by practicing with a trusted individual. Additionally, this practice can be a welcome confidence booster for those who are unsure.

In addition, roleplay different situations that may occur. This may include a barrage of questions, crying individuals and more! Practice how you will navigate each situation, to control the situation.

Tell your family

With your plan in mind and support system nearby, tell your family about the unexpected pregnancy. This situation looks different for many people; nevertheless, keep a calm and collected composure and stick to the plan.

After, assess the outcome and begin planning your next steps! For many, this may mean determining your options to gauge which is best for your circumstances.

Plan Your Next Steps

You have several options when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. A prominent option for many women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is adoption. In addition, it can be a rewarding process for adoptive families.

The adoption specialists at Texas Adoption Center are here to help you determine whether adoption is the appropriate solution for your situation. Contact Texas Adoption Center at 844-893-7943 to discuss your options.

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