i dont want another baby but im pregnant

You didn’t plan to be pregnant again. As an expectant mother with another child or chidren, you may be feeling worried, and overwhelmed at the thought, “I don’t want another baby but I’m pregnant.” But, even if you feel isolated, scared, or without answers, please know that you don’t have to face this alone.

When it comes to taking the next steps, we first recommend taking a deep breath. From here, you can reach out for support and consider your options. To start down the journey to finding answers, begin here:

Step #1: Know That Your Strong Emotions Are Normal

To start off, any emotions that you are experiencing right now are okay. Pregnancy produces powerful emotions in all women, regardless of the situation! With that being said, any of your emotions, even the negative ones, are valid and deserve your attention.

Your worries about the future are normal. They show that you understand the responsibilities of motherhood and that you care. Although the stress naturally feels overwhelming, your shock and concern represent a starting point. These feelings are only temporary.

Step #2: Reach Out for Support

As you contemplate your next steps, support is absolutely critical. Whether you reach you reach out to the father, your friends, family, or even an Adoption Specialist, you need someone to confide in.

Choose people who will value your feelings and will not worsen your emotions with judgment. The comfort provided by those closest to you will calm you, help you think about your next steps, and know that you are not alone.

Step #3: Consider Your Options

When your mind is going in circles with the thought “I don’t want another baby but Im pregnant,” you need to examine your feelings toward each option. Pregnancy requires a choice among parenting, terminating the pregnancy, or placing your child for adoption.

Although your friends and family can offer valuable insights about these options, know that this is your decision. Ultimately, you know what is best for you and your baby! Only you know what feels right for your situation.

Step #4: Seek Counseling

Advice from professionals who have emotional distance from the pregnancy could help you see into your heart more clearly. Therapists and other specialists trained to help people in a stressful situation could give you the tools to sort through your worries and concerns.

We Have Adoption Specialists Ready to Listen

The Adoption Specialists at Texas Adoption Center are available at any time to listen to your story, help you with next steps, and lessen your worry. Texas Adoption Center provides a safe and private place for you to explore your concerns and options with a friendly professional familiar with the challenges of unexpected pregnancies.

Our intent is not to pressure you into any specific decision. Empowering you to choose what is best for you is our ultimate goal! A chance to communicate confidentially with an Adoption Specialist is only a call or text message away. To chat with a caring and loving Adoption Specialist, call Texas Adoption Center at 844-893-7943 or send a text to 361-461-3742.

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