looking for adoptive parents for my baby

I’ve chosen adoption—now what? How do I start looking for adoptive parents for my baby?

Deciding to place your baby for adoption is a courageous one. While it can be a beautiful process, it will also be emotionally challenging. You may have many questions about the process and may even wonder where you should start.

The first thing you need to know is that you have the right to choose the family that adopts your baby. You have parental rights over your baby up until you sign the adoption papers, which means you have the freedom to choose who will adopt your baby. Also, you have the power to change your mind about placing your baby for adoption until the papers are signed.

That being said, it’s important you have complete peace of mind when you make your decision. You’ll want to choose a family that is comfortable with your adoption plan and will want the same things you do.

So, how do you start looking for adoptive parents? We have the answer!

Where to Start Looking for Adoptive Parents for My Baby

Contact an Adoption Center

Adoption agencies will help walk you through the process. They can provide you with legal advice, help you choose an adoption plan that works for you, and help you find the perfect family to place your child with. In the next sections, we’ll discuss what happens after you partner with an adoption center.

Choose an Adoption Plan

Once you’ve contacted the agency, they will help you choose the type of adoption. There are three main types of adoption that you’ll likely explore with your adoption specialist. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Open Adoption: In an open adoption, you pick the family your baby is placed with, you decide what kind of relationship you have with the family, and even if you spend time with the family after the adoption takes place. You have the option of getting to know the family and even staying in contact with them once the adoption is completed. It’s all up to you!
  • Semi-open Adoption: In a semi-open adoption, you still have the choice of which family adopts your baby. You also have the option of getting to know the family before the adoption. Like an open adoption, you can even spend time with the family at the hospital after the baby is born. In the months and years ahead, you may receive pictures and letter updates. However, there will be no personal visits or contact. Thus, semi-open adoption differs from open adoption in that you will not be in personal contact with the baby or his/her adopted family after the adoption is finalized.
  • Closed Adoption: Lastly, you have the option of a closed adoption. With this option, you allow the adoption agency to choose the adoptive family for you. You typically will not meet the adoptive family, nor will you visit the baby or receive updates after s/he is born.

In the end, a good adoption agency will allow you to customize whatever adoption plan you choose. This is your baby you are placing for adoption. Therefore, you have the right to choose what happens.

Select a Family

After you choose the type of adoption you want, you can proceed to the next step in the adoption process. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption, the agency will show you families with similar adoption views.  Each adoptive family will have an adoption profile that you can review. The profile will tell you all about the family -what they do for fun, where they work if they already have kids, and more.

While the profiles will help you get to know some adoptive families, you don’t have to base your decision on the profile alone. If you want to, you can meet the families in person. The point is, you are in complete control. If you aren’t sure about something, you won’t be pressured into making a hasty decision. The adoption agency will help guide you through the process so you can choose a family that’s right for you.

Bonus: Work With Family or Friends

Do you know of any family or friends who would like to adopt your baby?

If so, you may want to work with an adoption facilitator. This is a good option if you’ve already found the person who you want to adopt your baby. The facilitator will deal with the legal and technical aspects of the adoption process.

However, even if you already know someone who would like to adopt your baby, an adoption agency can still guide you through the process and offer you their services.

Talk to a Professional

Texas Adoption Agency is a nonprofit adoption agency in Texas. Their professional, down-to-earth approach means you get the practical and emotional assistance you need to get through this challenging time. Texas Adoption Agency will do more than help you find the right adoptive parents for your baby. They will provide you with emotional and financial support, housing and transportation assistance, and medical care and health insurance.

Why choose Texas Adoption Center? Because they are dedicated to your happiness and well being. They want to empower you to make the choice that’s right for you, making you feel confident in your future.

To learn more about how Texas Adoption Center can help you, fill out a contact form or give them a call at (512) 893-7943.

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