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Newborn Adoption Agencies In Texas: The Benefits

If you’re considering adoption in Texas, deciding who to work with can seem complicated and overwhelming.  We get that, and we’re here to help.  We think you’ll find that the support and benefits provided by Texas Adoption Center are just what you’ve been looking for. Below, we’ve listed some of the assistance we can provide as a licensed Texas adoption agency:


When you work with a licensed agency like ours, you have options in deciding upon a  custom adoption plan that seems right for you.  If you like, for example, you can actually pick the family that will adopt your child.  You can also choose the type of relationship you want to have with them and your child, you can choose how your time at the hospital is spent—and the list goes on. These are just a few examples of the many options you have.  And we will help you think them through.

Financial Help 

Many of the brave and courageous birth mothers we work with have pressing financial needs. We assess your individual situation to see how we can help.  Once you are matched with a family, we can help you with certain living expenses. These might include rent, utilities, groceries, clothes, cell phone, medical bills, and so on. Although financial support depends on a variety of factors, these are benefits that only a licensed Texas adoption agency, like Texas Adoption Center, can assist you with.

Real Relationships 

We believe in all-encompassing support while you maneuver your adoption journey. Whether this means going to doctors’ appointments or just talking over lunch, we will be with you every step of the way.  If you like, your Adoption Specialist will even stay with you in the delivery room for the birth of your baby.

Lifelong Support

We believe in building relationships that last a lifetime.  When your adoption journey is finalized, we’ll still be there for you.  If you need emotional support, regardless of whether it is a week or two years after your baby was placed, you can count on us to give you the support, care, and understanding you need.  We are your advocate and helper—and we want you to have the life that you envision for yourself.

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