pregnant in college

Discovering that you’re pregnant in college can bring mixed emotions. You may initially feel afraid and wonder if you’ll be able to finish out your studies. Or, you may be concerned about being treated differently as the pregnancy becomes obvious.

The truth is, it’s 100% possible to continue getting a quality education, participating in school activities, and enjoying your college experience while pregnant. In fact, women who are pregnant in college have rights that ensure they’re treated fairly and don’t face discrimination because of their pregnancy.

Armed with information about your rights, you can be empowered to own and enjoy both your college journey and your pregnancy.

What Are My Rights as a Pregnant College Student?

Title IX, a statute from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, protects pregnant students from discrimination in their educational programs and activities. Any public or private educational institution that receives funds from the federal government is required to uphold and comply with Title IX.

Title IX gives pregnant students the following rights (and more):

  • The right to continue taking classes and participating in extracurriculars
  • The right to choose whether or not you’d like to participate in classes or programming created for pregnant students
  • The right to have absences related to childbirth or pregnancy-related activities excused
  • The right to return to the same classes and extracurricular activities after having your baby that you participated in prior to pregnancy
  • The right to the same special services, such as independent study or homebound instruction, is offered to students with temporary medical conditions.

This is not an exhaustive list of the rights women who are pregnant in college receive.

Educational institutions must also make accommodations for pregnant students. These accommodations include the option to receive a larger desk, have access to the elevator, and make frequent trips to the bathroom.

With this reassurance, you can focus on taking care of yourself as you navigate pregnancy in college. Here are our top four tips.

How To Manage Pregnancy In College

Don’t Try To Go It Alone

Being pregnant in college can feel overwhelming at times. At Texas Adoption Center, we believe every woman deserves to be loved and supported during her pregnancy. The love doesn’t stop there either.

One thing you can count on is Texas Adoption Center’s support for you. From regular check-ins, to accompanying you to doctor’s appointments, we will always go the extra mile to walk through this with you. We’re always here to help. If you’re pregnant in college, contact our team today. Support is just a call (or text) away)!

Maintain A Routine

When you’re pregnant, some things may feel different. You may experience changes in your body or mood. After all, being pregnant is a physical and emotional journey. Maintaining a routine helps. When things change, it’s comforting to have things that stay the same, whether it’s an exercise class, phone call with a friend, or a productive morning routine.

Explore on Campus Resources

Being pregnant in college comes with new responsibilities, such as attending regular doctor appointments throughout your pregnancy. It can be challenging to balance the newfound needs of your pregnancy with your schoolwork. This is why communicating with your professors, and academic advisors are important.

Many colleges and universities offer resources for pregnant students. From online class options to professors willing to accommodate you, there are plenty of options available. So be sure to set yourself up for success by exploring what your university offers.

Apply for Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships for students who are pregnant in college. Simply searching for “scholarships for pregnant college students” online brings pages of results, including directories of available scholarships.

Set aside time to search for and apply to these scholarship and grant programs! Some wonderful people and programs want to support you in continuing your education while pregnant.

Taking The Next Step

We hope you’re feeling encouraged about being pregnant in college, knowing that you’re protected from discrimination by law.

Texas Adoption Center is here to support you with care, guidance, and services. Our team has helped many women just like you find their way, and will always support you, no matter your decision. Our adoption specialists can’t wait to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for guidance and support.

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