Can You Place a Special Needs Infant for Adoption in Texas

Like all children, children with special needs deserve to grow up in a loving and supportive home. But the level of attention, care, and expenses that go into raising a child with special needs are extensive. For many different reasons, a birth mother may wonder whether placing a special needs child for adoption is possible. We’ll answer this question and more in this helpful guide.

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Can I Place a Special Needs Baby Up for Adoption?

For those wondering whether special needs infant adoption is possible, the answer is yes. The term “special needs” includes a wide range of disabilities such as down syndrome, autism, medical challenges, and more. In most cases, a pregnant woman will find out that the child will have special needs from her OB-GYN (pregnancy doctor). Depending on the situation, different things can happen once the diagnosis has been made.

If the birth mother has already chosen to place the child for adoption through an agency, then she will let the agency know about the diagnosis so that the adoptive family can be made aware. If, on the other hand, the birth mother now wishes to place the child for adoption, she is welcome to connect with a professional and caring adoption agency. The agency can connect the birth mother with a family that is willing and able to adopt a special needs child.

Birth mothers should know that placing a special needs child for adoption is a brave and selfless decision. There is no need to feel shame about giving the child the best possible home and resources so that they can thrive. Whatever your reason for choosing adoption, you are putting the needs of another before your own.

How Can I Find a Family for a Special Needs Infant?

Once you’ve decided to pursue special needs infant adoption, you likely have many questions about how the process works. The first step is to decide whether you want an agency adoption or independent adoption.

If you already know who will adopt your baby (for instance, a close friend or family member), then a private adoption can work. However, an agency can provide a wide range of services, including financial support, educational resources, and one-on-one attention for birth mothers. Having this care is especially useful in the case of a special needs infant adoption.

A birth mother can create a detailed adoption plan at an agency. Here, she can specify what type of family she wants the child to be placed with and select them if she chooses to have an open adoption. There are adoptive parents who are able to support a child with special needs and are excited to welcome this new child and love them as their own. An agency can help the birth mother find the perfect fit.

Get Support Every Step of the Way at Texas Adoption Center

With so much on your mind as you plan for the future, you may be feeling overwhelmed or uncertain. The caring adoption specialists at Texas Adoption Center are here for you. We’ve helped countless pregnant women find the ideal match and provided support along the way.

Whether you have questions about special needs infant adoption or are ready to start the process, contact Texas Adoption Center today.

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