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There’s nothing more life changing than learning you are pregnant. In addition to the mix of emotions you feel, a thousand questions swirl around in your head. Breathe in and out. We are here to give practical advice on your next steps. 

The four teen pregnancy options below will help you make sense of your situation. Let’s go through them together. 

Confirm that You are Pregnant

A missed period, weight gain and nausea are not always signs of pregnancy. Before making any decisions, be sure that you are, in fact, pregnant. To do this, pick up a pregnancy test at a nearby drugstore. You do not need to show an ID to buy one. 

Follow the instructions on the back of the test and then view the results. Some tests will show a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. The + indicates pregnant and the – means not pregnant. In other tests, two lines will appear to signal that you are pregnant. 

Once you have taken the test and received a positive result, it’s important to visit a doctor to discuss teen pregnancy options. Your visits to the doctor are confidential so that you can maintain privacy during this time. Additionally, there are options for those who cannot afford prenatal care. You can search for pregnancy centers, adoption agencies and doctor’s offices in your area to get connected with a medical professional.  

Learn About Your Options

Take the time you need to process the mix of emotions you are experiencing. Even though it all feels so uncertain, you will get through this. You can read these unplanned pregnancy quotes for some encouragement. Then, when you’re ready, make a plan. 

There are teen pregnancy options available to you and support systems that will help and guide you along the way.  

Raising the Child

One option you have is to raise the child and take on the role of a parent. For some women, deciding to parent changes their lives for the better. For others, parenting is something that they are not ready or able to do under the current circumstances. If you are considering raising the child, you’ll need to think about the many ways your life will change. To provide the best life for your child, some plans may have to be on hold. 

If you have a strong support system and your finances are in order, parenting a child may be the right path for you. However, this is a big decision and one that comes with many responsibilities down the road. Consider the pros and cons of parenting and speak with a trusted friend or relative before deciding. 


Adoption is a teen pregnancy option that may give you more freedom than parenting. By deciding to place your child for adoption, you make a brave and beautiful decision. But how does adoption work? Well, it is up to you. 

A caring and experienced adoption specialist will help you form an adoption plan that suits your needs. If you would like to choose the family that adopts the child, you can. If you prefer a closed adoption, you are free to make that choice.

On top of this, the agency will support you both emotionally and financially. The cost of adoption does not fall on birth mothers. This means the process is free for you and that you’ll receive coverage for pregnancy-related medical expenses. When you choose adoption, you can make another family’s dreams come true and give a beautiful life to the child. 

Whether you are unsure about adoption or think it is the right choice for you, learn more about the adoption process for birth mothers.


Another teen pregnancy option is to terminate the pregnancy. This is also known as abortion. This is a medical procedure that you must speak with a doctor about before making your decision. Many women decide against terminating the pregnancy due to the emotional toll it brings. 

Still, some pregnant women wonder, “Should I have an abortion?” This is a personal choice and one that you should not take lightly. Ensure that you speak with your family about the pregnancy and weigh all the options before making a decision. 

Alternate Option: Kinship Care

If you have a supportive family and can raise your child, you can look into kinship care as an option. In this scenario, your parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle or other stable family unit steps in and will help raise the child. This option allows the child to remain in the family, but places the responsibility of raising them on someone else. If you are fortunate enough to have family members willing to take care of the child, you can pursue this alternative, if you choose.  

Telling Your Parents

No matter what you decide to do, it can be helpful to make your family aware of your pregnancy. If you are nervous, know that it is completely normal to feel this way. You can use a five-step plan to tell your family about the pregnancy to help plan out your thoughts and prepare for reactions. 

Once the initial emotional responses take place, many families decide to support in any way they can. However, it is difficult to predict how the situation will go. Know that there are many resources available for pregnant women and that you are not alone on this road. 

Find Help at Texas Adoption Center

We hope that learning about these teen pregnancy options helped you understand that things are not as out of control as they feel. At Texas Adoption Center, we have helped hundreds of young women feel the way you are right now. Whether you are looking into adoption or simply need to talk to someone about your current situation, we are here to help. 

The adoption specialist at Texas Adoption Center can connect you with resources and provide advice, a shoulder to cry on and more. Call or text us today to take advantage of the many services we offer at no cost to you. 

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