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Unplanned pregnancies are emotional experiences for people of all ages, but this major life event can be especially difficult and confusing when you are in your teens. It is completely normal to experience a broad range of emotions and have many questions running through your mind.

For instance, how should you deliver the news to your family and friends? How can you be prepared for the potential of negative responses from the less understanding people in your life? Where can you find reliable teen pregnancy resources that will help you explore all of your options?

The good news is that organizations are filled with people who can help you figure these things out. Let’s briefly look at five teen pregnancy resources that can help you decide on a course of action that is right for you.

#1 Texas Adoption Center

One excellent resource to help you navigate your unplanned pregnancy is Texas Adoption Center (TAC). The qualified professionals at TAC provide highly personalized care to every woman who comes through their doors and can offer many types of teen pregnancy resources. 

They will compassionately guide you through all of the options you have. If you decide that adoption is the right choice for you, they can facilitate open, semi-open and closed adoptions while providing you with dedicated emotional and financial support.

Locations: TAC maintains offices in Dallas, Brownsville, Austin and across Texas. Click here to view more of their office locations.

Contact TAC by texting 361-461-3742 or calling 512-893-7943.

#2 Pregnancy Lifeline

Pregnancy Lifeline is another organization that provides teen pregnancy resources in Texas. This organization focuses on delivering reliable help for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

They offer counseling and material assistance, including temporary and permanent housing options. Pregnancy Lifeline is an excellent resource for women choosing to parent or who would prefer referrals for adoptions. 

Locations:  Pregnancy Lifeline is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information, contact Pregnancy Lifeline today. 

#3 People’s Community Clinic

The Tandem Teen Prenatal & Parenting Program is a service offered by a group of partnering organizations, including Any Baby Can, Austin Child Guidance Center and more. The program provides many services for young parents, including educational and medical services. People’s Community Clinic leads these efforts and is dedicated to making real differences in the lives of children and families.

In addition to its other services, PCC provides guides and helpful information for moms-to-be and young mothers. You can filter the posts you’d like to see based on what trimester you are in. The resource center features information on a wide range of topics, including how to prepare for labor, supplements to take while pregnant and details about government programs for pregnant teens.

Locations: People’s Community Clinic and its partner organizations are located in Austin.

Check out the People’s Community Clinic for more details. 

#4 Nurse-Family Partnership

For those women who decide that parenting is the right choice for them, the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) can provide in-home professional nurses for first-time mothers who qualify. 

NFP is a science-based community health program that guides women from early-stage pregnancy through the child’s second birthday. With offices all across Texas, this program seeks to benefit mothers, families, and members of the broader community.

Locations: Nurse-Family Partnership has offices in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and across Texas. 

You can contact NFP to discover more about the services they provide. 

#5 St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (SJRC) Texas

The Pregnant and Parenting Team Program from SJRC is an initiative that provides classes for those women who decide that parenting is the right choice for them. This program provides education focusing on life skills, parenting tools and job skills for at-risk mothers. 

Located on a 17-acre campus in New Braunfels, Texas, SJRC helps prepare expectant mothers for the birthing and child-rearing processes through individualized therapy classes and other healthcare resources. The organization can also provide emergency placement for children who come from unsafe or unstable homes.

Locations: SJRC is located in New Braunfels, Texas.

Connect with St. Jude’s Ranch for Children for more information. 

Learn if Adoption is Right for You with Texas Adoption Center

If you believe that adoption is the right choice for you, the Texas Adoption Center will happily provide you with a range of teen pregnancy resources. You can receive financial support and emotional guidance at TAC. 

The caring specialists at Texas Adoption Center can offer the tools and encouragement you need to control the adoption process. They take a modern and compassionate approach to care that focuses on supporting you, no matter the choice you make for your life.

Contact the Texas Adoption Center online or call 844-893-7943 today to get the help you need.

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