An unplanned pregnancy suddenly forces many women to face intense emotions and challenging questions. And if your first inclination is that you don’t want to parent, you’re not alone in feeling this way.

The phrase “I’m pregnant but I don’t want the baby” can be tough for many women to come to terms with. Some might feel guilty, while others could feel ashamed. On top of that, there’s a lot of pressure to know what to do next and make the best decision for yourself.

If you find yourself in this position, it is completely normal. Just remember that part of making your choice is acknowledging and accepting all available options without judgment.

It’s crucial to think about if today’s emotions will last into the future or if they’ll eventually go away as your life circumstances change. Sometimes people aren’t ready to be mothers today but they could be in the future. It’s also possible that you may feel that your child would have more opportunities and stability with another family. Keep in mind that only you can make this decision.

Are You Ready To Be a Parent?

Be honest with yourself and think deeply about the kind of life you can provide for a child. Can you financially support a child? Are you emotionally prepared? It might help to talk to someone you trust, like a friend, family member, or counselor before making this big decision.

Before having children, there are some important questions prospective parents should ask themselves, such as:

  • Do I have the financial resources to raise a child right now?
  • Is this the life I want my child to have?
  • Do I have any personal goals that I want to achieve before becoming a parent, like getting married or finishing school?
  • Do I have the emotional or mental capacity to provide nurturing support for a child?
  • Do I even want kids in the first place?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it may be time to consider other options.

I Don’t Want To Be a Mother Now, What Are My Options?

The first step is to determine your unplanned pregnancy options. It’s important to know that all of these choices are valid and have their own unique, individual implications.

  • Continue the Pregnancy: If you decide to carry the baby full-term, you can either parent the child or choose to place the baby for adoption later on. 
  • Terminate the Pregnancy: This is a difficult decision that can be emotionally taxing for many people. Make sure to get informed on your state laws and medical options before making this choice.
  • Place the Baby For Adoption: If you decide adoption is the best choice for you and the baby, find an adoption agency that is reliable and can provide proper support for your unplanned pregnancy. Texas Adoption Center offers a wonderful and loving support system if you’re located in Texas.

Adoption: A Loving Choice

Adoption is a loving and selfless decision that allows women to provide their child with a secure, financially stable future. Adoption also provides unplanned pregnancy help in that it removes the stress and uncertainty that comes with sudden parenthood.

If you choose adoption, there are options to consider such as open or closed adoptions. Under an open adoption, both the birth mother and adoptive family can agree to an ongoing relationship through direct contact or updates regarding the child’s progress in life. On the other hand, closed adoptions are private and confidential. Every post placement adoption contact agreement is different and tailored to the birth family’s wishes, in collaboration with the adoptive family. 

No matter what unplanned pregnancy help option you choose, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a solitary battle. Help is available, and there is a wide range of resources within reach to provide help and support. 

We Are Here For You

An unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging time that comes with a variety of emotions and difficult decisions. Not ready to be a parent right now? That is a valid and acceptable feeling. It is important to know that unplanned pregnancy help and support exist, and Texas Adoption Center is here to provide unplanned pregnancy resources and unplanned pregnancy help.

Texas Adoption Center exists to support women who are feeling overwhelmed and need assistance with unplanned pregnancy resources in Texas. No matter what unplanned pregnancy option you choose, know that help is available and you are not alone.

If you have questions about the unplanned pregnancy help and adoption resources available to you in Texas, reach out to us today.

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