The process of adoption can be confusing, and it’s completely normal to have many questions. There are legal requirements, emotional factors, and the physical aspects of birthing a baby and/or raising a new infant. 

It’s important to work with an adoption agency that understands and values every stage of the adoption process. This includes the post-adoption tasks, requirements, and emotional support. 

This article will answer all your most important questions on post-adoption services. 

What Are Post-Adoption Services?

First, post-adoption refers to the time after a baby is born and starts living with the adoptive family. These services are extremely relevant and needed during this time period. 

Post-adoption services are designed to help both birth mothers (and their families) and adoptive families post-placement. This includes helping with paperwork, legal necessities, emotional support, physical healing, grief/loss, and more. 

Types of Post-Adoption Services

There are many forms of post-adoption services. Some adoption agencies only handle the legal aspect of post-adoption, and some may offer a broader range of assistance. 

Here at Texas Adoption Center, we will guide mothers and families through every step of the process, including a full range of post-adoption services. 

Post-Placement Supervision

This service is a very important step in the adoption process. It starts after the baby is placed with the prospective adoptive family, and the adoption is not yet finalized. Here are a few details on the supervision stage:

  • A professional will monitor the household via home visits, which
    1. ensures a safe and healthy placement for the child, 
    2. a supported household/family members, and 
    3. ensures a successful adoption plan.
  • The supervision period lasts for six months. 

Post-Placement Supervision is a vital step that helps encourage all members of the adoptive triad to maintain a healthy relationship for the child.

Post-Placement Reports

These reports are vital documentation that helps the adoption process go smoothly. They are written and filed after each mandatory home visit during the post-placement phase. 

These reports delve into topics such as the child’s:

  • well-being and bonding, 
  • family adaptation, 
  • community support, 
  • continuing communication with the birth family, 
  • the child’s milestone accomplishments, 
  • and more. 

The number of visits and reports necessary will differ based on the state of placement and finalization. For instance, if you receive placement through a Texas placement agency, you must complete at least five visits during the six-month post-placement period. The agency reviews these reports to ensure the child is thriving. 


The adoption finalization is an exciting step for the adoptive family and signals the child is placed in a loving, supportive home. This stage takes place after the successful completion of the post-placement supervision and reports. 

Finalization is completed with the assistance of a law firm to make things legally official. At Texas Adoption Center, we consent to final adoption for only perfect placements and ensure that all paperwork is legally valid and thorough. The child is of the utmost importance in the process and we want to honor the commitments made to the birth parent(s). 

Emotional Support

At Texas Adoption Center, finalized adoption is not the end of the line for adoptive families and birth families. Our professionals offer continuing emotional support for everyone involved in the adoption process. We are supporters for life!

Ongoing Communication

Many adoption plans include ongoing post-placement communication with the birth family and promoting a positive and healthy relationship among all members of the triad. Our adoption experts help facilitate this communication post-finalization and into the future. 

Answering the Biggest Adoption Care Questions

You have many questions about the adoption process and post-adoption services. We’ve assembled answers to common questions here, but contact us today for more in-depth information. 

Is the mother and baby’s health put first?

Yes, the health of the mother and baby is the number one concern throughout the adoption journey and always.

When will adoptive families receive all documentation?

Typically, families will receive all the child’s documents after the adoption is finalized. The process may take up to five months post-legal finalization. This number varies, though, and some families may receive documents much quicker. 

You should be able to reach out to your adoption agency for any questions on documentation or the general timeline.

Can birth mothers change the communication plan after the adoption is finalized?

First off, most of the time, the adoption plan is led by the birth mother and works for all parties. If something changes, then this adaptation of the original ongoing communication agreement will be facilitated by the agency, and a new plan will be created that works for everyone! 

Premier Post-Adoption Services With Texas Adoption Center

The caring professionals at Texas Adoption Center (TAC) are dedicated to leading post-adoption services that are successful, helpful, and ensure a wonderful adoption. We accomplish this goal by maintaining open communication and leaving space for healing and emotions. 

Adoption can seem overwhelming. We take every step to ensure the process is done with care and follows every legal requirement. 

Learn more about our post-adoption services today!

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