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Inspiring work is being done every single day to improve our streets and help our neighbors. If you haven’t already, take a look around. There are so many nonprofits in just Texas alone! In fact, some of the top nonprofits in Amarillo may be just around the corner from you.

Considering this, we’ve found an especially high number of nonprofits that hope to create a more beautiful world for the children of Amarillo. Today, we’re going to highlight some of these powerful causes.

From a lovely adoption center to a creative snack startup… these are the Top 10 best nonprofits in Amarillo that are making an impact. For more information on each organization, follow the links below.

1. Texas Adoption Center

Texas Adoption Center is an adoption center that serves birth mothers in any corner of Texas, including Amarillo. They offer down to earth support and care for any birth mother that walks in the door, focusing on their happiness and wellbeing. 

Known as one of the top adoption centers in Texas, they even offer financial support to mothers who are struggling to make ends meet. At Texas Adoption Center, birth mothers are encouraged to see the beauty in adoption, find a loving home for their baby, and be supported unconditionally.

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2. High Plains Children’s Home

For children and adults with special needs who have been orphaned, neglected, abused, or taken advantage of, High Plains Children’s Home gives them a second chance. Here, they will be nurtured and encouraged to live with love and service to others.

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3. Buckner Children & Family Services

Buckner’s Amarillo location offers a wide range of support to families and children in the area. They provide resources to families hoping to become foster parents, connect foster children with a loving family, and offer transitional programs for teens aging out of foster care. They even help single-parent families live in a safe environment while completing educational or vocational goals. 

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4. Family Support Services

Family Support Services of Amarillo agency is a unique nonprofit organization which serves almost 25,000 people annually. Their tagline “Restoring Hope. Reviving Hearts. Rebuilding Lives.” perfectly sums up the work they do every day.

They provide assistance to anyone who is struggling and in need. From counseling and Veteran support to crisis response and providing an emergency safe house, Family Support Services truly strives to help anyone.

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5. Amarillo Children’s Home

The Amarillo Children’s home exists to give a home, security, and support to kids needing an accepting place to live. Striving for generational change through children, they opened their doors in 1924 after seeing three homeless, orphaned kids crying outside of a church. Almost a century later, it is known as one of the best nonprofits in Amarillo TX.

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CASA gives neglected children an advocate to speak up for them in court, at school, or in the community. Usually, CASA volunteers are there to tell the judge their unbiased opinion that is in the best interest of the child.  

Their overall vision is to be able to appoint a CASA volunteer to any endangered child and help find them a permanent and loving environment.

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7. Snack Pak 4 Kids

Almost 1 in 4 kids in Texas is food insecure. Although children are able to receive breakfast and lunch at school, many go hungry over the weekend.

Because of this, Snack Pak 4 Kids is a unique food program which fights childhood hunger. Every Friday, children in need are able to take a nutritious Snack Pak home with them so that they can eat over the weekend. They can then go back to school on Monday mornings, ready to learn.

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8. Martha’s Home

Martha’s Home provides a hand up rather than a handout and helps women and children rebuild their lives. They provide safety and security to homeless single-parent families by providing a temporary home, education, and job opportunities.

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9. Storybridge

2 out of 3 low-income households do not have a single children’s book in their home. For these children, not having access to books makes it increasingly difficult to be successful in school.

Storybridge aims to give at-risk youth books to call their own. They believe that through books, children can learn to tackle their hardships and work towards a happier life.

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10. High Plains Food Bank Kids Café

This is a new type of program which offers daily meals for any at-risk child. They prepare and distribute nutritious and healthy food to all children for free in an attempt to combat childhood hunger in Amarillo.

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Best Nonprofits in Amarillo TX

When it comes to showing love and support to local children and families, Amarillo seems to have it all. Whether you are looking to donate to a nonprofit organization, volunteer your time, or even receive assistance, there are more than enough nonprofits to choose from.


With that being said, if you are a mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, keep Texas Adoption Center in mind. We’re a non-judgmental and empathetic group of women who would love to help you take control over your decisions. We will help you to understand your unique situation and be an advocate for any choice you decide to make.

Call us at 512-893-7943 or send us a text at 361-461-3742. We’re happy to take your call anytime.

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