If you’re considering placing your baby for adoption and need help with living expenses, we’ve got good news for you! There are adoption agencies across Texas that can help you find a great home for your baby and take care of yourself. Here’s a list of the top 5 adoption agencies that help with living expenses in Texas.

  1. Texas Adoption Center

Texas Adoption Center is a full-service adoption agency serving women and families all over Texas. With 12 offices throughout the state, Texas Adoption Center helps women find loving, caring homes for their babies.

The agency’s down-to-earth, caring Adoption Specialists help birth mothers create customized adoption plans. Additionally, Texas Adoption Center helps birth mothers in need with living expenses. From assisting with housing and transportation to pregnancy-related appointments to helping pay for groceries, phone bills, utility bills, and laundry, Texas Adoption Center takes care of its birth mothers, treating them like family.

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  1. The Adoption Alliance

The Adoption Alliance is a licensed adoption agency based out of San Antonio, Texas. The agency assists birth mothers with living expenses including rent, utilities, food, phone bills and clothing. The Adoption Alliance also helps birth mothers out with transportation to and from pregnancy related appointments and errands. It also helps cover the costs of prenatal care and hospital and delivery costs if Medicaid or other insurance options aren’t available.

  1. Adoptions With Love, Inc.

Adoptions with Love, Inc. serves birth mothers across Texas. They specialize in giving thoughtful guidance and loving support to women considering adoption. The agency has been around for more than 30 years! It’s mission is to put birth mothers and their baby’s best interests a top priority. Adoptions with Love, Inc. helps birth mothers with living expenses including rent, food, transportation, utilities, medical bills and general living expenses.

  1. Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage is a pregnancy and adoption center serving North Texas. The agency has been around since 1918 and prides itself on being the oldest, non-faith based nonprofit agency in Dallas. Qualifying birth mothers can receive short term financial assistance from Hope Cottage for housing resources, medical care, food, clothing and transportation. The agency also helps connect birth mothers to community resources for their long term needs.

  1. AIM Adoptions

AIM Adoptions is a Christian adoption agency that helps women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose adoption. The company works with birth mothers all over Texas and assists them with medical care, food and shelter.

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