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Navigating the adoption process can be overwhelming for both birth moms and adoptive parents. Most people experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they go through their adoption journey. In many cases, hearing the advice and experiences of other families can help.

Listening to an adoption podcast is an excellent way for anyone involved in the adoption process to gather helpful information and practical advice. Even if you aren’t struggling with adoption challenges, these podcasts are an excellent resource for birth moms and adoptive parents alike.

In addition to the valuable insight they provide, you can listen to personal stories from people with direct experience with adoption. Plus, you can multitask as you listen! Turn them on while you’re driving, doing housework, going for a walk, or winding down for bed.

In this article, we’ll tap into some of the best adoption podcasts you can listen to at any stage in the process. So grab your headphones and get ready to tune in as we discuss some of the best podcasts for birth moms and adoptive parents.

Best Podcasts for Birth Moms

Finding an adoption podcast that you enjoy can be a real gift. They answer some of the most common adoption questions, offer helpful information, and provide the advice you didn’t even know you needed. More importantly, they connect you with other birth moms who may share similar experiences to yours.

As podcasts have become increasingly popular, there are many adoption-related podcast resources to explore. Let’s look at four adoption podcasts popular among birth moms moving through the adoption journey.

Let’s Talk Adoption

Let’s Talk Adoption features adoption expert and author Mardie Caldwell and other Lifetime Adoption professionals. It is the longest-running adoption podcast available. The podcast features new guests and topics each week related to your pregnancy options, the adoption process, raising children, and more! It is an excellent combination of education, practical resources, and stories of hope that can help birth parents through the process.

Let’s Talk Adoption is available on multiple platforms, including Apple and Spotify. Browse through over 90 episodes that dive into the miracles created through adoption.

Birth Mothers Amplified

Co-hosted by friends and fellow birth mothers Muthoni and Emma, Birth Mothers Amplified shares powerful testimonials of the adoption process. The podcast is available on many platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

Birth Mothers Amplified is an excellent adoption podcast resource because they empower birth moms by giving them a platform to speak their truths and share their stories. Many of the episodes include guests who are birth mothers willing to share their personal stories. Topics include unexpected pregnancies, managing grief, and the different types of adoption.

Twisted Sisterhood

Twisted Sisterhood was started by two birth moms who saw the need for a safe and welcoming space that connects others with similar experiences in the adoption process. Ashley Mitchell and Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard use their personal experiences with adoption to encourage other birth moms to be heard by sharing their stories authentically.

As the founder of Lifetime Healing Foundation, co-host Ashley Mitchell has a passion for providing increased care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers. As the Director of Advocacy and Policy at AdoptMarch, co-host Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard shares a passion for supporting expectant mothers and birth moms. Twisted Sisterhood is available on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify platforms. It frequently features birth mom guests covering a variety of topics related to adoption.

Birth Mother Matters in Adoption

With over 180 episodes, Birth Mother Matters in Adoption covers pregnancy and birth mother topics from A-Z. The podcast is dedicated to assisting birth mothers in their adoption journey through building Arizona Families Adoption Agency.

This adoption podcast shares stories of birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees to help raise adoption awareness. The podcast aims to remove stereotypes surrounding adoption and spread accurate adoption information to everyone involved in the process. Birth Mother Matters in Adoption offers a new episode every week on 12 podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

Best Podcasts for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents go through a different but equally overwhelming experience than birth moms do. From a foster parent podcast to podcasts that offer insight from adoptees, adoptive parents can learn a lot from the many adoption podcasts available online. Let’s look at three adoption podcasts popular among adoptive parents.

Adoption Now

Adoption Now features authentic stories about the joys and challenges of the adoption journey. This podcast offers inspiring stories told from the perspectives of the adoptee, birth parent, or adoptive parent. Featuring over 120 episodes, you’ll hear from parents and families who have been through infant and international adoptions, foster-to-adopt, and even embryo adoption.

Adoption Now covers a variety of topics that impact adoptive parents. That’s why it’s an excellent resource for anyone looking for advice and personal testimonials on the process.

Honestly Adoption

One of the most valuable messages every member of the adoption triad can take away is that you are not alone! That’s precisely the message that Honestly Adoption aims to deliver with this podcast. New episodes are published weekly featuring real voices from the foster and adoption journey.

The goal of this podcast is to bring hope and encouragement to parents across the world. Hosts Mike and Kristin Berry and Nicole Goerges share open and honest perspectives of their experiences with the journey of foster, adoptive, and special needs parenting. Over 80 episodes are available on Apple, Google, and Spotify platforms.

I’m Adopted, Now What?

If you’re looking for an adoption podcast that dives into the feelings and emotions your child faces throughout the process, check out I’m Adopted, Now What? It’s a podcast for those who want to redefine what it means to be adopted.

I’m Adopted, Now What? is a great resource for adoptive parents because it dives into the most common questions adoptees ask. It can help you get a closer look at some of the challenging emotions your child is trying to manage. It also offers excellent tips to help adoptees figure out how to cope with identity and self-esteem issues. I’m Adopted, Now What? is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, and more.

Looking for More Resources? Texas Adoption Center Can Help

While the adoption journey is undoubtedly stressful, it’s also a beautiful process. Luckily, countless resources are available to help you navigate the process, like the adoption podcasts mentioned above.

If you are a birth mom or adoptive parent looking for additional resources on the adoption process, Texas Adoption Center is here to help! Our supportive team includes adoption specialists who are experts in the process. We’re here to provide you with the advice, resources, and support you need to ease the stress of adoption.

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