3 alternatives to abortion that are good for mother & child.

Abortion is not an option for me.  What should I do?

An unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying! However, you are not alone in this feeling. Approximately 50% of all pregnancies each year are reported to be unplanned. That’s nearly three million per year!

So, how are other women dealing with this situation? 

Many women are seeking alternatives to abortion that are good for both mother and child. Read more to learn about these alternatives and other things to consider.

3 Other Options Than Abortion

There are alternatives to abortion that can be good for the mother and child. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list; however, these are abortion alternatives to consider. 

1. Parent the baby yourself

It may go without saying, but choosing to parent can be difficult, especially if the pregnancy is unintended. For this reason, making an informed decision takes a lot of thought and action planning.

Expectant mothers should consider their finances, living situation, and support system. In addition, they should take the time to determine if they are ready to parent and can take on the responsibility. Ultimately, this is typically a positive resolution for mothers who decide they can parent.

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Becoming a single mother is a great option for many women, but it’s not the only parenting option. Co-parenting and allowing for single fatherhood are also possible options, in some cases. 

With co-parenting, you will need to develop a co-parenting agreement with the father. Are you going to raise this child in a two-parent house or a one-parent house? Do you both want to involve the courts? Where will the child primarily live? Clear and constant communication can help you both have a positive co-parenting partnership and raise a wonderful child as a team. 

On occasion, the father is in a better place to raise the child and/or wants children now. If you’re comfortable, consider having an open conversation with the baby’s father on whether he’s ready to take on this responsibility. 

2. Allow a relative to raise the child

In the event of an unexpected pregnancy, a family member can step forward to raise the child. For mothers who are feeling unsure, entrusting guardianship to a safe and loving relative can be an ideal situation. In this case, the level of responsibility and involvement of the biological  mother can be negotiated. Additionally, the mother may arrange for guardianship to be returned after a certain time period.

As said before, this can be a favorable option for mothers-to-be. However, it takes a great deal of communication and coordination to mediate conflicts with family members.

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After you and your chosen guardian are in agreement, you will need to talk with an attorney. Legal guardianship varies depending on location, the mother’s age, and the guardian’s relation. It’s best to ensure all legalities are settled before the baby’s birth. The last thing you want is a shuffle to decide where the baby should go moments after delivery. Make sure to discuss the mother’s financial role after the child is born. 

3. Place the baby for adoption

Like allowing a relative to parent, creating an adoption plan can be a good alternative for both mother and baby. There are a wealth of families who are eager and ready to provide a stable, loving home to raise a child. In addition, Texas adoption statistics show that adoptees are healthy and thriving in their placement homes.

Adoption can seem like a scary and overwhelming process. However, with the help of an adoption professional, it can be a viable solution. Find an adoption specialist that can walk you through the adoption process.

Abortion Alternative More Information: Adoption

Unlike arranged temporary guardianship, adoption is a permanent forever home for your child, and you will not have a say in how the child is raised after the adoption. However, you are guaranteed to be placing your baby with a family who has a strong desire to become an unconditionally loving parent and the financial ability to provide all the opportunities you dream for your child. Make sure to ask questions about the adoption process and think about what will be the best abortion alternative for you and the child. 

Talk To the Experts About Other Options Than Abortion

There are several alternatives to abortion that a mother can choose to consider before terminating a pregnancy.

With this in mind, adoption is a viable answer for those who want to consider all options. The adoption specialists at Texas Adoption Center are a great place to start if you are curious about adoption.

The team of specialists has combined decades of knowledge and resources to give you the most accurate adoption information. In addition, the organization facilitates a meeting with an independent adoption lawyer where you can further determine whether adoption is the best option for you and your baby.

If you are seriously considering adoption, contact Texas Adoption Center at 512-983-7943 to schedule a confidential meeting with an adoption specialist.

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