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I placed my baby for adoption. Now what?

As many birth mothers may find, rebounding after an adoption can be difficult.

A common choice for birth mothers is to pursue an education to improve their current situation. In most cases, birth parents see this opportunity as a second chance to redeem themselves.

No matter which category you fall in pursuing higher education is extremely beneficial. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in 2018 that the median weekly earnings of a high school graduate aged 25 and older are $730. In contrast, individuals aged 25 and older earned about $1,198.

Additionally, the employment rate for high school educated individuals was 4.8%. Conversely, the unemployment rate for degree holders was 2.2%.

Overall, the benefits of pursuing higher education are apparent. Degree holders have a higher weekly income and are more likely to be employed. Nevertheless, there is a common barrier that stands in the way of many birth mothers and higher education.

Tuition costs.

The average in-state tuition and fees for public universities have increased by nearly 243 percent in the previous 20 years!

This number can be discouraging; however, there is a wealth of resources for birth mother returning to the classroom. Namely, birth mother scholarships!

Read more about birth mother scholarships and find a few scholarship funds dedicated to birth mothers below.

Birth Mother Scholarships

Birth mother scholarships are a unique opportunity for women who’ve previously placed their child for adoption. To emphasize, several scholarship opportunities help birth mothers pay for tuition. Find a few scholarships below to set you on your way!

Adoptions From The Heart

The Adoptions From The Heart scholarship is a gratuitous scholarship to help birth parents establish a career. Twice a year, the scholarship committee chooses recipients for the fall and spring semesters. Uniquely, this scholarship is also available to those attending a trade school.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Should have placed a child for adoption in or after 1985
  • Must have been accepted to a college or trade school
  • Must show financial need
  • Obligated to write an essay regarding the adoption story

Lifetime Adoption Foundation

The Lifetime Adoption Foundation proudly presents deserving applicants with scholarships for higher-education endeavors. The Foundation recognizes that adoption can be hard; however, honor birth parents who have enabled others to experience the joy of parenthood.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Must apply for the scholarship
  • Needs to show proof of part-time or full-time enrollment
  • Must be drug-free
  • Must have a current C average or higher
  • Should be a birth mother that placed a child for adoption after 1990
  • Must write a 400-word essay

The Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program

Each year, the Adoption Network Law Center awards up to $10,000 in scholarships to birth parents and adoptees. The scholarship is awarded in November to recognize National Adoption Month. The Law Center started this noble tradition to give back to the adoption community and to support those who are interested in higher education.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Must be a birth parent or an adopted child
  • Needs to be accepted or currently enrolled in college, university, vocational, technical or trade school
  • Must submit a video demonstrating or explaining how adoption has made an impact on your life

Fred M. Riley Birth Parent Scholarship Fund

The Fred. M. Riley Birth Parent Scholarship Fund provides financial support for birth parents who lovingly chose adoption. In retrospect, Fred M. Riley, the fund’s namesake,  dedicated his life to promoting the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Also, he was a great advocate for adoption and teen pregnancy prevention programs.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Must submit a class schedule
  •  Obligated to submit an acceptance letter from an educational institution or trade school
  • Must be drug-free
  • Needs to have a current C GPA or higher
  • Must include a tuition invoice for the upcoming semester
  • Must submit a 400-word essay describing future goals

Find Professional Support

For birth mothers and pregnant women seeking adoption, pursuing an education can seem overwhelming! However, with the right support by your side, anything is possible.

Texas Adoption Center is just the right support system! Texas Adoption Center adoption specialist are knowledgeable experts in the adoption industry.

In addition, Texas Adoption Center provides a plethora of services including emotional and financial support, housing and transportation assistance, and medical care. With this in mind, you can proceed with your adoption and education without worrying about these setbacks.

For more information about Texas Adoption Center’s services or to schedule a confidential meeting with an adoption specialist, call 512.893.7943 or text 361.461.3742.

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