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My birth date is coming up! What should I expect after the adoption?

Every adoption story is unique in itself; nonetheless, there are similar aspects that most—if not all— birth mothers experience. The effects of adoption on the birth mother are far-reaching, but there are a few common effects that those placing their child should expect. Continue reading to learn what effects to expect on the birth mother.

Effects of Adoption on the Birth Mother and How to Deal With Them

There are many effects of adoption on the birth mother. The effects listed in this article a few of the possible effects on birth parents. Nevertheless, the following effects are reported by Child Welfare Information Gateway in their Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents report.


Without a doubt, grief is one of the most common effects that a birth mother may experience. Deciding to place a child for adoption can be a stressful situation. During that time, the birth mother can create an action plan with their adoption specialist for postpartum. However, nothing can prepare the birth mother for relinquishing their parental duties. Read more to learn how to deal with this normal reaction.

How to Deal With Effect: Grief is a normal effect! Nevertheless, a professional can provide meaningful help. Seek the guidance of a counselor or adoption specialist to deal with separation anxiety or grief.

Guilt and Shame

Because of the stigma of adoption, guilt and shame can be a common effect of adoption on the birth mother. Often, adoptions are presented as a rare event that is shrouded in shame and guilt. In reality, about 135,000 adoptions occur each year. In fact, according to Texas adoption statistics, many adoptive children and families are happy and thriving. All in all, each adoption story is different and presents its unique challenges.

How to Deal With Effect: As said before, the guilt and shame that birthmothers feel are commonly caused by the stigma surrounding adoption. To ease this shame, the birth mother may seek ways to de-stigmatize adoption. Techniques include—but are not limited to—viewing movies about adoption for birth mothers, seeking out adoption success stories, and reading birth mother blogs.

Identity Issues

An unexpected effect of adoption on birth mothers is identity issues. Once a child is adopted, the birth mother must determine how the child fits into their life. In addition, the birth mother must figure out who the child will be in their lives. Even more, the birth mother may encounter further identity issues when interacting with the adoptive family.

How to Deal With Effect: Practices like journaling, support groups and more can ease identity issues. Ultimately, seeking professional help to resolve these feelings can be the most helpful. In this case, a counselor or therapist can work with the birth mother over an extended period to proactively tackle identity issues.

Talk to a Professional

All in all, the effects of adoption on the birth mother are common and can be combatted with the proper knowledge and support. For this reason, Texas Adoption Center and their team of qualified adoption specialists have the appropriate resources to help birth mothers. Texas Adoption Center provides extensive counseling services to its patrons!

Even more, Texas Adoption Center provides financial and medical services. By and large, the Center creates a safe and secure environment for birth mothers and providing the needed postpartum services for them to thrive.

If you are considering adoption, seek the help of Texas Adoption Center to face potential issues head-on. Call 512-983-7943 to begin the adoption process.

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