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If you are considering adoption, you may be wondering about the families looking to adopt a baby. What are they like? Why are they looking to adopt? Are they offering a loving home? These are natural questions to think about as a birth mother who wants to ensure her baby will be well taken care of.

In the case of open adoption, you are able to choose the family that adopts your child. To make this decision, you can look at available families the adoption center is working with.

There are so many different types of families looking to adopt. The diversity of families available means you have options as you decide to place your child for adoption.

Below, explore some amazing families looking to adopt a baby!

Families with Adopted Children

Courtney & Tyler

Relationship: Married for 10 years

Children: Reagan and Reid, both adopted

Message: “We are so incredibly excited about growing our family! We already love and pray for our baby every day, whoever he or she may be. We will teach our children that they are deeply loved and valued and that they can do anything they put their minds to.”

Learn more about Courtney and Tyler.

Rebecca & Elliot

Relationship: Married

Children: Ellie, adopted

Message: “Adoption has been such a picture of love, sacrifice, trust, and faith in our lives.
We treasure the relationships we have with our siblings, and we want to joyfully welcome another child into our home and as a sibling for Ellie.”

Learn more about Rebecca and Elliot.

Julianne & Tim

Relationship: Married for 10 years

Children: Mateo, adopted

Message: “ We are proud of the mosaic that is our family, and we have been praying that God would lead the child that is the perfect fit for our family. We are grateful to be in the position that we can offer love, support, and resources to give another child every opportunity to realize their full potential in a loving environment.”

Learn more about Julianne and Tim.

Same-Sex Families

Tim & Brian

Relationship: Married for 4 years

Message: “We are beyond grateful to have found each other 10 years ago, and we would love nothing more than to share our love for each other and our family with a child.
We both grew up in very close and loving families and have always wanted to share that with a child of our own. We’d like to open up our lives by becoming a family through adoption, and share everything we have worked so hard to build together.”
Learn more about Tim and Brian.

Blake & Larry

Relationship: Married

Message: “We believe that the world needs more happy humans that are kind, compassionate, vulnerable, and loving. That is exactly what we want to raise our children to be. As the birth mother, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Your selfless act makes it possible for us to have a family full of unconditional love.”

Learn more about Blake & Larry.

Families without Children

Kate & Jackson

Relationship: Married for 4 years

Message: “We have a strong, loving partnership; a stable, cozy home; solid, rewarding work; an extensive network of family and friends; and a tremendous amount of love to give. We want your journey to be filled with love and support. Please know that you have that from us, with our whole hearts.”

Learn more about Kate and Jackson.

Emilee & Daniel

Relationship: Married for 5 years

Message: “As devoted parents, we promise your baby will grow up in a loving, supportive, nurturing home filled with lots of laughter. We are committed to being open and honest about their story and celebrating their heritage. Know that we are praying for the best possible outcome for you and your baby.”

Learn more about Emilee and Daniel.

Teresa & Matt

Relationship: Married for 6 years

Message: “We joke that we didn’t think we could love each other more and more every day, but as each year passes, our love grows stronger. We want you to know, more than anything, that we will love your child with all of our hearts and will devote our lives to providing them with all the security, joy, and love we can offer. Your child will be unconditionally loved and cared for.”

As you can see, adoptive families are unique, but they share the same goal of being the best parents they can be. These are just a sample of the many warm and welcoming families looking to adopt a baby.

To view more, visit our gallery of adoptive families. You can also hear about the adoption process from the perspective of a past birth mother.

And, if you believe that adoption is the right option for you or just want to learn more about adoption, call Texas Adoption Center today at 512.893.7943 or text 361.461.3742 to speak confidentially with an adoption specialist.

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