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Knowing what to expect at the hospital helps you to prepare for birth. Having a plan in place can also bring you peace of mind as you approach the delivery.

It’s common to feel a mix of emotions as your due date approaches. Remember that you are in control of the process every step of the way.

Since each situation is different, the hospital process will not look the same for everyone. But there are some common things you can plan for. Below, we’ll explore what you can expect if you pursue a hospital adoption. 

Hospital Adoption Planning For Birth Mothers: Before, During & After

Before You Arrive At The Hospital

If you have chosen to place your baby for adoption, you’re likely wondering how the hospital adoption process unfolds. Before you arrive at the hospital, there are some steps to take so that you feel prepared and empowered. 

Make a Birth Plan

When planning for the hospital, be sure to develop a birth plan. A birth plan is a detailed plan about your expectations and preferences for labor and delivery. 

In your birth plan, you should list details about the basics, i.e., who will be with you at the birth, if you would like pain medication or prefer to give birth without it, and details about the atmosphere of the birthing room.

If this sounds overwhelming, do not worry. Your adoption specialist will help you write your birth plan if you would like assistance. 

Keep in mind that the birth plan may change because labor is unpredictable. For instance, you may write in the birth plan that you would like no pain medication during labor. But if you change your mind when the time comes, that is okay—it is completely up to you. 

Invite a Support System

Decide who you want at the hospital with you.

Depending on your choices, the hospital adoption may proceed in different ways. For example, if you select an open or semi-open adoption, you can ask the adoptive family to spend time with you at the hospital after giving birth. Typically, mothers do choose this option.

However, if you prefer that the family is not present at the hospital, you can choose this option. 

During Your Stay At The Hospital

When you arrive at the hospital, it’s time for the delivery!

This process is different for every mother; nonetheless, no matter how your labor and delivery unfolds, you have the strength to accomplish this. 

After the delivery, you have to maintain parental rights for at least forty-eight hours under Texas law.

During this period, you can invite the adoptive family to spend time with you and the child at the hospital. Or you can get to know the child alone before making a final decision. Regardless of what you decide, your adoption specialist will support you and walk with you on this journey. 

Once the forty-eight hours have passed, you can sign the paperwork to release your parental rights.

After, the adoption agency will complete the appropriate paperwork to transfer parental rights to the adoptive family.

In most cases, this process can not be reversed, and the adopted child can not be returned to the birth parents.

After Your Hospital Adoption Is Complete

This part of the journey can be emotionally trying for a birth mother.

It is completely normal for birth mothers to have temporary adoption regrets or grief. In fact, many birth mothers may question her decision post-adoption; however, with the right support, you can find normalcy.  

An adoption specialist is equipped to assist you through this difficult time. They can connect you with resources like local support groups and counseling.

You can also seek birth mother blogs or adoption success stories to learn how other mothers have navigated this difficult time.

Remember that pursuing adoption is a courageous decision. You put the future of your child above your needs and allowed an excited adoptive family to complete their family.

Partner With the Best Adoption Agency

The delivery and post-delivery process is something many birth mothers before you have successfully gone through. They did not do it alone, and you do not need to do it alone, either. With support and encouragement from the right people, you can make it through. 

Texas Adoption Center is committed to the well being and happiness of our birth mothers. We help pregnant women every step of the way through the adoption process. From offering advice and support to providing financial coverage for medical expenses, Texas Adoption Center focuses on empowering you. 

For more information on the adoption process, feel free to contact us. Our adoption specialists are here to help you. 

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