how long does the adoption process take

I think adoption is right for me. How long does the adoption process take?

Whether you have recently found out you are pregnant or you have already delivered, adoption is a selfless, courageous decision. After all, you simply want to put your baby’s needs.

There are many questions that expectant and birth parents may have about the adoption process.

And, for this reason, Texas Adoption Center is answering a common question amongst expectant and birth mothers: How long does the adoption process take?

Keep reading to find out and learn how you can start your adoption process.

How Long Does the Adoption Process Take for Expectant Mothers?

The short answer is that the length of the adoption process depends on the expectant mother’s situation. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration to accurately guess how long the adoption process will take for the expectant mother.

Below, we’ll consider when you can start the process, how long it takes to choose an adoptive family, and when the baby will go home with the family. Keep reading to learn more!

When Can You Start the Adoption Process?

You can start the adoption process as soon as you find out you are pregnant. However, there is no set time you have to start.

You can contact a certified adoption agency and begin the adoption process whenever you feel ready. Whether you just found out, are many months into your pregnancy, or even placing your baby for adoption after birth, your local adoption agency will support you.

How Long Does it Take to Choose an Adoptive Family?

Many adoption agencies have a waitlist of adoptive families who are waiting to be matched with expectant parents creating an adoption plan. With this resource, the time it takes an expectant mother to choose the adoptive family will depend on her.

On average, Texas Adoption Center typically matches expectant mothers after they reach 25 weeks gestation in their pregnancy.

At Texas Adoption Center, we guide you through the process at your pace to ensure that you are 100% at peace with your choice adoptive family. No rushing and no pressure to ‘just be done with it.’

When Does the Baby Go Home with the Adoptive Family?

The adoption officially occurs after you give birth and sign the paperwork that relinquishes your parental rights.

In the state of Texas, a birth mother is required to maintain her parental rights for 48 hours after she gives birth. This is to ensure that the birth mother is sure about her adoption decision.

After the 48 hours are over, if the birth mother still feels that adoption is right for her, she can sign the paperwork to place the child with family she chose.

Adoption After Delivery: How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

The adoption process, after you have given birth, is very similar to the adoption process for pregnant women. However, the time frame is different.

How so?

When a pregnant woman chooses adoption, she has to wait the full term of her pregnancy to place her baby with the family of her choosing officially. If you have already given birth and you have chosen adoption, the process likely won’t take as long.

So what does the time frame look like for birth mothers who have already delivered?

Texas Adoption Center can expedite matches for unique situations. If a child is needing to be matched with an adoptive family and placed as soon as possible, we will do everything possible to make that happen the same day that the mother contacts us. However, specific time frames may vary depending on your unique situation.

Start the Adoption Process with a Reliable Adoption Center

Texas Adoption Center’s goal is to help you face your future with confidence!

We can support you if you need financial help, housing, transportation assistance, emotional support, and medical care/health coverage.

Whether you have already given birth or you have yet to deliver, Texas Adoption Center is ready to support you through the entire adoption process, no matter how long it takes!

Give us a call at 844.893.7943 or text 361.461.3742 to speak with a Texas Adoption Center adoption specialist to learn your next steps and start the adoption process.

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