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Are you pregnant or have already given birth and are thinking about placing your baby for adoption?

Many birth mothers are unsure of whether adoption is the right choice. If you feel this way, perhaps you are wondering whether your baby will have a good life or if they will suffer from negative feelings about their adoption later in life.

It is normal to have these concerns. After all, you want the best life possible for your baby.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of adoption for children. Keep reading to learn more about whether adoption might be right for you in your unique circumstances!

What are the Benefits of Adoption for Children?

All the facts presented below come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The survey Adoption USA is the first nationally representative survey of adoptive families across all adoption types. Each of the findings is based on thousands of surveys and interviews collected during the survey year.

1. Increased Opportunities

Many birth mothers who choose adoption have an unplanned pregnancy and thus feel they aren’t prepared to have a baby yet.

On the other hand, adoptive parents have been planning for a long time to have children. As a result, these families may be more financially and emotionally prepared to care for a child.

In fact, 79% of adoptive parents who do private domestic adoption have had education beyond high school. When parents have higher education, they are often more likely to support their children in school. On average, 74% of children in domestic private adoptions are engaged in school.

2. Safe Homes and Neighborhoods

Before they can adopt, all adoptive families must undergo a home study. A home study is a process that ensures the adopting family has a safe, stable home for a child.

If you choose to adopt, rest assured knowing that your baby will be in a safe environment!

On average, 79% of all adopted children live in safe neighborhoods, 96% live in neighborhoods with amenities, and 75% live in neighborhoods with no characteristics of poor physical condition.

3. Healthy Living

The majority of adopted children live very healthy lives.

In fact, 85% of children have a health status that is “excellent” or “very good” and only 7% of adopted children missed more than ten days of school due to illness or injury, according to Adoption USA.

Additionally, 88% of children in domestic private adoption consistently have health insurance.

4. Positive Social and Emotional Feelings

So most adopted children live in healthy, safe, and stable environments. But what about their happiness? Do adopted children experience positive feelings and good social behaviors?

Studies show they do!
In fact, 91% of children in private domestic adoptions exhibit positive social behaviors and only 9% of adopted children have been diagnosed with depression.

5. Attention from Parents

The benefits of adoption don’t stop there. Adopted children often get more attention from their parents.

According to a national survey, 73% of adopted children between the ages of 0 and 5 are sung to or told stories to every day. To compare, only 59% of non-adopted children were sung to or told stories daily.

Additionally, studies show that over half of all adopted children eat dinner with their families six or seven days per week. When parents and children regularly share meals together, it connects families, positively influences adolescents’ nutrition habits, and can positively impact children’s’ behavior.

6. Feelings of Belonging and Love

Many people believe that adopted children grow up with feelings of abandonment. However, studies show that 90% of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption.

Adopted children are not “left behind” or “given up”. They are loved and chosen. Birth mothers simply want to give their baby the best life possible and adoptive families want to share their love with a beautiful son or daughter.

In open and semi-open adoptions, the birth mother can keep in touch with her baby and the adoptive family. In an open adoption, the birth mother can even keep in personal contact with her baby, including visits and phone calls. In this case, your baby will never have to wonder who their birth mother is and where they came from.

7. Birth Mothers Can Personally Make Sure Their Baby is Placed with the Perfect Family!

To conclude, the last benefit of adoption is that as a birth mother choosing adoption, you can choose the adoptive family for your baby.

Do you want your baby to grow up in a great neighborhood? Do you want their parents to have a college education? Would you like your little one to grow up with siblings?

You can choose a family that meets your requirements, allowing your little one to have the life you want him/her to have.

Additionally, if you want to, you can meet the adoptive family. Your baby can have all the benefits listed above when you choose the perfect family.

Considering Adoption? Contact a Caring Adoption Agency!

While the benefits of adoption are plentiful,  it is a very personal decision. You must consider whether it is right for you. If you have adoption questions or would like to learn more about the adoption process, a professional, caring adoption agency can help!

Texas Adoption Center cares deeply about you as a birth mother. They know you have a courageous decision to make and they can help you choose the path that is best for you. They are down-to-earth, supportive, and ready to help.
Their goal is to empower you to make choices with confidence, looking to the future with hope, happiness, and stability in mind.

To learn more about adoption or to get started with the process, contact Texas Adoption Center today!

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