i need someone to adopt my baby

What will my friends and family think? How does adoption even work? What do I do? 

We understand that the realization of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. But even as you weigh your options and search “I need someone to adopt my baby”, we will tell you one thing. You are not alone. You have options. And you will be okay.

It is perfectly expected to feel a mix of emotions – fear, sadness, worry, and stress. First of all, remember that placing your baby for adoption is a courageous act that helps you give them the best start for a bright future. Rather than “giving up” your baby for adoption, you are giving them a life of opportunities.

Second, many mothers find it calming to learn more about the adoption process as a whole. We connect you with the perfect family for your baby that will love and care for him or her unquestionably. Texas Adoption Center offers an incredible support system with an Adoption Specialist and adoptive family there along the way.

“I need someone to adopt my baby”

Here are the steps to take when asking yourself, “What do I do when I need someone to adopt my baby?

If You’re Currently Pregnant

Step #1: Reach Out

If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, the first step is to reach out to a loving Adoption Specialist. From here, she will listen to your personal situation, and of course, all the wishes you have for your baby. Every expectant mother faces different circumstances. At Texas Adoption Center, we will listen closely to your story and from there, help you design the perfect adoption plan.

Step #2: Design Your Adoption Plan!

Since the Adoption Specialists believe that you know what is best for your baby, you will steer the process! While we are always there to help you and inform you of your options, we empower you to make your own choices. To design the adoption plan, we will navigate the following:

  • Choose Type of Adoption Plan: The first decision you get to make is what kind of adoption plan you would like – open, semi-open, or closed. This all depends on how much interaction, communication, or contact you want with the adoptive family. For more information, click here.
  • Pick an Adoptive Family: The second part, and oftentimes the favorite, is picking a family. Of course, if you would rather us choose for you, we would be happy to. However, most birth mothers love being a part of this decision. We will provide you with picture after picture and story after story of each loving family to help with your choice.
  • Make a Hospital Plan: Now, it is time to choose how your time at the hospital will be spent. Since Texas Law determines that you have to wait 2 days before signing over parental rights, you have 48 hours to work with. Do you wish to spend it with your baby? With the adoptive family and your baby? Or do you want the adoptive family to have alone time with the baby? The choice is yours.
  • After-Delivery Plan: Your after-delivery plan ties back to whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Although many moms wish to stay in contact with the family, others do not. The choice is up to you.

Step #3: Additional Assistance

Another step of this process is mapping out where you may need extra assistance. We understand that you need support with everyday matters. You need safe housing and transportation to and from pregnancy-related errands.  You need access to medical care and health insurance to have a healthy (and stress-free) pregnancy. And lastly, you need a supportive group of women to cheer you on, help you through the hard times, and support you unconditionally.

Texas Adoption Center is here through every step.

I’ve Already Delivered

Sometimes, the realization that you need a family for your baby comes after delivery. Perhaps, you may not have known where to turn until now. Regardless of how you got here, that is completely okay. It may not be too late!

The process of adoption for mothers who have already delivered is very similar to the steps described above in the “I’m Pregnant” section. We want to hear your story, help you create the best adoption plan for you and your baby, and support you in every way that we can.

The Texas Adoption Center

When you reach out to Texas Adoption Center, you are instantly accepted into our family. Chat with one of our Adoption Specialists anytime at 844-893-7943. You can also send a text to 361-461-3742. We can’t wait to help you get the answers you need and surround you with support.

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