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Where do I even start looking for a good adoption agency?

Are you considering placing your baby for adoption in the Fort Worth area? Choosing an adoption agency is an overwhelming decision. Likewise, with an abundance of promising adoption agencies flooding the market, it is difficult to decipher which will be the best for you and your baby.

To help ease your stress, we have listed a few factors to consider when researching adoption agencies in Fort Worth.

Find the Best Adoption Agency in Fort Worth

Local vs National Adoption Agencies

The first factor that a birth mother should consider when searching for an adoption agency is whether they would like to utilize a local or national adoption agency. National adoption agencies are typically large and provide adoption services across the country. In addition, national adoption agencies have a larger network of adoptive parents. Thus, the birth mother has has access to more adoptive families.

Local adoption agencies are smaller, more personal, and generally, work with birth mothers and adoptive families within one state. Let’s look at some benefits of opting for a local agency.

Level of Interaction

Birth mothers placing their babies for adoption must consider the level of interaction that they want during the adoption agency and family. This factor especially pertains to the level of communication that the birth mother expects from the agency and adoption family. The level of communication depends on both the agency, and whether the agency is local or national.

With this in mind, local agencies tend to provide more one-on-one time with adoption specialists. Due to this extra time spent between adoption specialists and the birth mother and adoptive families, the adoption process is generally more relaxed and allows for families and birth mothers to form more intimate relationships. In comparison, the adoption process at a national adoption may feel impersonal

Agency Availability

Availability is another factor that birth mothers should consider when finding an adoption agency in Fort Worth. In general, national agencies generally have more availability and shorter wait times. In addition, as stated before, national agencies have a great network of adoptive families. With this in mind, the birth mother can choose from a greater selection of families that they deem suitable.

On the other hand, local agencies may be limited to the number of clients that they accept during a given timeframe. In most cases, this is to preserve the quality of care that birth mother and adoptive family receive. Some birth mothers may decide that the added personal interaction with the local agency makes up for these things. In addition, local agencies will often work with families to find birth mothers across the country.


You and your baby deserve the best health care available. The decision to place your baby for adoption is a difficult decision; however, the right adoption agency can ease the stress. Texas Adoption Center has a team of adoption specialists and services to support you and your child through the adoption process.

If you think that choosing one of the adoption agencies in Fort Worth, Texas might be right for you, Texas Adoption Center is a good place to start. Call or text today to begin your journey of finding the perfect match. 844.893.7943 (phone) and 361.461.3742 (text).

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