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If you have decided to place your baby for adoption with a private agency, you have options to consider. Private adoption agencies vary in their services. It is important to compare and contrast the services provided by each to find the one that best fits your needs.

Choosing a private adoption agency has its advantages. Private adoption agencies tend to be smaller and more intimate, which means you receive personalized support. Additionally, you may receive more information about adoptive families than you would get at larger agencies.

Let’s look at some of your options when choosing from private adoption agencies in Texas.

Private Adoption Agencies in Texas

There are a variety of private adoption agencies in Texas to consider when you begin your search. Take a look at the eight listed below before selecting one that offers the comprehensive care and support services you need in this journey.

1. Texas Adoption Center

Texas Adoption Center is an established non-profit adoption agency that offers a wide variety of services for pregnant women in Texas. The agency can foster a private adoption in Texas and works with birth mothers and adoptive families every step of the way. On top of this, Texas Adoption Center can find adoptive families to make great matches in almost every state in the country.

Texas Adoption Center provides personalized support and works to empower birth mothers to feel confident, appreciated, and respected. TAC offers emotional and financial support, as well as assistance with housing, transportation, and medical expenses. They also provide counseling and referrals to appropriate specialists.

Contact Texas Adoption Center today to begin the most rewarding adoption experience possible at 844.893.7943 (phone) or 361.461.3742 (text).

2. Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage is located in Dallas, Texas. It provides birth mothers services, including preparation for childbirth, prenatal care, finding access to community resources, developing parenting skills, financial and residential assistance, legal assistance with birth father issues, and counseling.

3. Depelchin Children’s Center

Depelchin Children’s Center has offices in four major Texas cities—Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Lubbock. They offer private adoption services that include case management for exploring parenting options, counseling, support during childbirth and for your hospital stay, and appropriate selection of an adoptive family.

4. Gladney Center for Adoption

Gladney Center for Adoption is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. This agency offers one-on-one counseling, helps prepare for childbirth, assists in choosing the best adoptive family, and support after delivery, such as housing and career assistance. 

After fostering a private adoption in Texas, Gladney Center for Adoption offers post-adoption counseling. This service is open to birth mothers as well as adoptive parents. Many of these services come at no cost to the client. The effects of adoption on a birth mother and the adoptive parents last long beyond the private adoption.  

5. Caring Adoptions

Located in Houston, Texas, Caring Adoptions provides counseling for birth mothers and adoptive parents, educational seminars, support in designing an appropriate adoption plan, and birth father location and termination of rights, among others.

Like many private adoption agencies, Caring Adoptions works closely with the birth mother and the prospective parents to find the right match. Caring adoption supports birth mothers with financial resources, counseling, healthcare services and more. They also provide educational services and ongoing support for adoptive parents. 

6. Special Delivery Adoptions

Next on the list of private adoption agencies in Texas is Special Delivery Adoptions. Special Delivery Adoptions has open and semi-open adoption services and is located in Amarillo, Texas. Specifically, they provide counseling for birth mothers and their families, and assistance in choosing an adoptive family. In addition, this adoption center provides childbirth education and post-adoption support.

7. AIM Adoptions

AIM Adoptions is a Christian adoption agency that has been serving Texas for over 30 years. The Christian non-profit organization is located near Houston, Texas, and works across the entire state. Whether you’re a birth mother or a family hoping to adopt a child, AIM can guide you through the private adoption process in Texas. 

8. Adoptions with Love 

Providing private adoptions in Texas and across the United States, Adoptions with Love brings compassion and care to each individual and family that they work with. The team at Adoptions with Loves understands how difficult the choice to place a baby up for adoption can be for the birth mother. Personalized adoption plans, ongoing adoption support, and financial assistance for expectant mothers are just some of the services this private adoption agency provides. 

Start your Adoption Journey with Texas Adoption Center

Choosing an adoption agency is a big decision, and choosing a local private adoption offers a range of benefits. With knowledgeable adoption specialists and a range of support-oriented services, Texas Adoption Center provides the best personalized and attentive private adoption services in Texas. 

We are there to support you through thick and thin. Learn more about our services for birth mothers and adoptive parents today. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Texas Adoption Center family. 

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