support for birth mothers after adoption

Whether you are considering placing your baby for adoption, are in the middle of your journey, or have already completed the process, you’re likely to wonder what happens after the delivery. We have good news! There are many sources of support for birth mothers after adoption.

You are not alone on this adoption journey, and the support does not stop once the baby is placed with the adoptive family. There are many organizations and adoption agencies with special programs and resources for birth mothers who have completed the adoption process

Let’s walk through the financial, emotional and physical support systems that exist for birth mothers post-adoption. 

Where can birth mothers find support after adoption

Emotional support for birth mothers

support for birth mothers after adoption

The emotions that linger after adoption can leave you with a mixture of confusing feelings. Some birth mothers feel liberated and confident. Some feel lonely. Others feel unsure of the next steps to take. Often, it’s a combination of emotions that must be worked through. 

Luckily, there are support groups for birth mothers where you can connect with others in a similar position to yours. Here are a couple of groups that welcome birth mothers with open arms:

  • Birth Mom Buds is an online community of birth mothers who support and strengthen each other. The organization has chapters in Tennessee, New England and more states where birth moms can gather in person and share their experiences.
  • Birth Mother Small Group is an offering of  Christian Adoption Services. The group is welcoming to birth mothers from all walks of life. Plus, the meetings are closed and confidential (only birth mothers are allowed) so each group member can speak freely. 

Creating genuine connections with women who understand the adoption process can be a healing and beneficial experience. Read about more amazing support groups for birth moms here

You can also turn to your adoption specialist for emotional support. Many adoption centers connect birth mothers with a caring adoption specialist who is there for you. These compassionate individuals are committed to providing support for birth mothers after adoption. At Texas Adoption Center, many birth mothers have formed lasting friendships with our adoption specialists. Birth mothers turn to them for advice, guidance, and a shoulder to lean on.

Financial support for birth mothers

support for birth mothers after adoption

You may have heard about the charities, adoption centers and government-sponsored financial assistance available to expectant mothers. These resources are incredibly valuable as you progress through the stages of your pregnancy.

But expenses don’t go away once the delivery is over. Fortunately, financial assistance for birth mothers after adoption does exist. One of these sources comes from adoption agencies.

For instance, Texas Adoption Center covers postpartum related medical expenses for birth mothers. In addition, the center can aid birth mothers with housing expenses and living costs.  

There are adoption agencies across the country that offer similar services. You can research different agencies to view their financial assistance offerings. Don’t be afraid to ask about the financial assistance options an agency provides to birth mothers after the adoption occurs. 

Charitable organizations also supply support for birth mothers after adoption. Take The On Your Feet Foundation, for example, which provides help for birth parents. 

The financial assistance programs and grants that OYFF offers help to get birth moms on solid ground after placing a child for adoption. There is also financial coaching available to educate members on how to manage finances. The group also organizes retreats for birth mothers regardless of their financial situation. 

Brave Love is another organization that is dedicated to lifting birth mothers. In addition to setting up birth mother support groups, Brave Love connects birth moms to financial assistance. Brave Love’s post-adoption support directory is full of organizations that bolster birth moms who need financial support. 

In addition to large scale organizations, there are likely sources of support right in your community. Head over to Google and search for “support for birth moms near me” to locate charities and other groups that can assist you.  

You are not alone after adoption

Birth moms are selfless and brave. We honor the courageous decision to pursue adoption, as do many organizations and adoption centers nationwide. 

In light of this, no birth mom should ever have to feel alone. Many people want to see you thrive, and organizations are built for the exact purpose of empowering birth moms. 

At Texas Adoption Center, we cherish every birth mother and work one on one with each one to ensure she has the tools and resources she needs to move forward.

If you are searching for an adoption center that will listen to you and provide support, contact us today. We are here for you and are looking forward to connecting with you.  

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