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Placing a baby for adoption can be a difficult decision. The experts at Texas Adoption Center understand the concerns that birth mothers face. That’s we go out of our way to ensure that every placement is a perfect fit for birth mothers as well as babies.

We do this by compassionately moving through the adoption process and making sure that adoptive families are ready for their new addition.

Here are some adoptive parent quotes about their experience with Texas Adoption Center that will warm your heart.

Adoptive Parent Quotes That Will Warm Your Heart

Dedication, Experience, and Compassion

The staff at Texas Adoption Center places babies in homes with families that adore them. We make sure that every single baby will receive the love and support they deserve.

Stacey and Lindsay helped guide us through each step of the adoption process. As a result of their dedication, experience, and compassion, we now are parents to a beautiful baby girl. TAC truly exceeded our expectations. Every adoptive parent should consider TAC.” —Adoptive Parent, JD

Made Us Feel Supported and Cared For

Not only do we take great care of our adoptive families, but we also do everything we can to help birth mothers make a decision with which they’re comfortable. Our team wants everyone involved to complete the adoption process and go on to live healthy, happy lives.

The experience my husband and I had with Texas Adoption Center was amazing. The folks at TAC made us feel supported and cared for. Their team has a lot of experience and are clearly passionate about what they do. It’s evident that they have great respect for both the birth moms and those adopting and care deeply that a loving, healthy match is made.” –Adoptive Parent, “RR”

Our Best Advocate

The support we provide our birth parents and adoptive families alike is unparalleled. We stay with you every step of the way and give you the tools needed to make an informed decision.

During the rough times, [Texas Adoption Center] was by our side and would check in frequently just to see how we were holding up. They were our best advocate and gave us hope when we were ready to give up. [They] truly care about the adoptive family and birth parents.” –Adoptive Parent, “KT”

Make People’s Dreams Come True

Our sole goal is to create healthy, happy families. We make dreams come true and place babies with families who desperately want to give them the best life they possibly can.

I got so choked up this morning thinking about how one week ago I had no idea she even existed. From the moment we saw her, we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Thank you all so much for the good and hard work you do. You literally make people’s dreams come true.” –Adoptive Mom, KG

Your Staff are Amazing

We help create strong and loving families. If you’re considering placing a baby for adoption, you don’t need to worry about their future – we pick families who will give them incredible love and care.

You and your staff are amazing. Just the other day I had the pleasure of explaining to some young people that baby “L” is my daughter. Yes, she is adopted, but she is just my daughter. Because she is. I love her so much.” –Adoptive Mom “S”

What do you think about these adoptive parent quotes? Reach out to Texas Adoption Center today for more information about how we can help you as you move through the adoption process.

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