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What is a domestic adoption anyway? How does it effect my baby and I?

There are several options to consider if you’ve decided to place your baby for adoption. Common factors include choosing an adoption agency and determining the adoptive family. However, many mothers do not consider whether domestic or international adoption is right for their situation.

What is domestic infant adoption?

According to American Adoptions, domestic adoption refers to the placement of American born infants for adoption by their birth parents. Both of whom consent to the adoption with an adoptive family of their choosing. On the other hand, international adoption facilitates the adoption of children from other countries.

While international adoption agencies provide needed services, there are benefits to choosing a domestic infant adoption agency. These include:

Simplified process

There is a good deal of paperwork involved in any adoption; however, international adoptions require copious amounts of paperwork from the adoption agency, and in some cases the governments of both countries involved. Additionally, because of the amount of paperwork and verifications required, international adoptions can be a time-consuming affair.

In comparison, domestic adoptions require less paperwork and are less complicated. In general, domestic adoption requires shorter wait times to begin and complete the adoption process. Because of this many birth mothers opt for domestic adoption.

Affordable Travel

Domestic adoption has its many advantages. The most apparent is that the travel distance is more manageable. Birth mothers who opt for domestic adoption, either within their state or another state, have a greater opportunity to be more involved in the adoption process.

In addition, in the event that the adoption is open, birth mothers have a greater opportunity to visit their children than if the child was placed abroad.

More Information and History

Birth mother may find that domestic adoptions yield greater amounts of information about the adopting family. In this case, the birth mother may want the most information possible like medical and family history to make the most informed decision about a potential adoptive family.

Oftentimes, international adoptions provide very little information about the adoptive family. This may leave the birth mother feeling uncomfortable and incapable of making a sound decision.

Open vs. Closed Adoption

If the birth mother prefers closed adoption, international adoption is often a viable choice. However, if the birth mother wishes to have an open adoption, domestic adoptions are usually easier to navigate.

International travel requires specified documents like a passport and visa. In addition, the birth mother may have to go out of her way to make arrangements to see the child. When you consider all of these factors, the mother may be limited to the number of times that they can visit the child because of travel obstacles compared to domestic adoption.


It is easy to see why birth mothers may prefer domestic adoptions over international adoption. Overall, they have great control over the process. In addition, the process is easier to understand and quicker to complete.

If you or someone you may know, still has questions about domestic adoptions or the adoption process contact Texas Adoption Center. Texas Adoption Center offers domestic infant adoption services that include programs for expectant mothers. Services include support from adoption specialist including emotional, financial, and medical support.

Call (844.893.7943) or text (361.461.3742) Texas Adoption Center to speak with an adoption specialist or begin the adoption process today.

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