how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy

I’m pregnant! What do I do now?

An unwanted pregnancy can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Suddenly, your future seems uncertain, and your mind is full of questions about how to proceed. These feelings are natural and are nothing to be ashamed of. With that in mind, we have outlined a few tips to help you proceed.

Dealing With an Unwanted Pregnancy: Step by Step

1. Allow Yourself to Experience the Emotions

When you first discover that you’re pregnant, the wave of emotions that rushes over you can feel massive and confusing. But pushing away feelings won’t make them disappear. They will resurface and can cloud your judgment in the future if you don’t work through them. 

Instead of ignoring or suppressing them, allow yourself to feel the emotions without judging yourself. This doesn’t mean you let your feelings take over and guide all your decisions. It just means that you give yourself time to experience.  

2. Confide in a Trusted Friend or Family Member

This is a life-changing event. Don’t carry the weight of this news alone. Sit down with a trusted individual to talk it out. If possible, speak with someone that has given you helpful life advice in the past and has your best interests at heart. This can be a parent, aunt, counselor, older sibling, best friend or another individual who knows you well and has life experience.

There are also unplanned pregnancy specialists you can connect with. These compassionate individuals have experience advising women and providing support.

3. Talk to a Medical Professional

Another important step in how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy is to speak with a doctor about your pregnancy. A doctor can walk you through your options and provide you with resources to educate you about maintaining your health in light of the new circumstances. There are certain medications and supplements that pregnant women should not take, so your doctor can explain these as well. No matter your decision, consulting with a doctor is necessary to prepare you to make an informed choice.  

4. Discuss the Options with Your Partner

If you have a partner that you trust, let them know about the pregnancy. Ask them about their feelings. Discuss what you both believe is the right next step. Having the support of your partner can be a huge source of comfort and strength at this time. 

5. Connect with Your Religious Community

If your faith is an important part of your life, find support from your religious community members. You may find other women that have experienced what you are going through. You can seek advice from leaders in your religious communities that you trust. Additionally, many churches and places of worship have charities and other resources for those facing unplanned pregnancies. 

6. Start a Journal

This may seem like a silly step, but the benefits of journaling for mental health say otherwise. Journaling can help bring down stress levels and allow you to make sense of your feelings. Writing out your thoughts in a free-flowing manner allows you to express your emotions without edits. Be real, raw and honest with yourself. When you look back at this season of your life, you’ll be able to see just how much you overcame, thanks to the documentation in your journal.

7. Ask Yourself What You Want

While getting support from trusted friends and insight from mentors is important, the ultimate decision is in your hands. This is your life, and you will be the one most impacted by your decision moving forward. 

Take time to picture your future and what you want it to look like. What do you envision for the future? Could you see yourself raising a child? Is another path right for you? There are options available to you. Keep reading to learn about potential next steps.

3 Options for an Unexpected Pregnancy

Despite the circumstances, in this situation, it is important to realize that you do have options. In addition, even if your future looks very different now, you are not alone. Below are a few options that you should consider if you’ve found yourself in this situation.


Choosing to parent can be scary, whether the pregnancy is planned or not. Parenting can be a wonderful experience, but it comes with added responsibilities too.

You’ll be responsible for providing the baby with everything they need to thrive. In addition, you will need to shift your focus and attention to accommodate your child. If you are considering this option, it is important to consider your current situation and finances and adjust accordingly to prepare for your new family addition.

Pregnancy Termination

Terminating your pregnancy is an option that can be very difficult to talk about. There is controversy around this option that can make being honest about this choice hard.

However, it is an option in some states, as long as you weigh all the possibilities and believe that this is the best choice for you. Take time to discuss termination with your doctor and other trusted individuals to make an informed decision about this difficult option.


The final option that you have is adoption. Many mothers don’t realize this, but adoption involves more than just making the decision and giving parental rights to the adoptive parents. It can be a challenging process; however, it is fulfilling for birth mothers who aren’t sure about parenting or termination.

In this case, you have the right to be involved in every step of the adoption process, from making your initial decision to designing an adoption plan. You are in control of how the adoption proceeds. Adoption centers like Texas Adoption Center have the knowledge and resources needed to help you make this decision. In addition, TAC will support and empower you through the adoption process.

Get The Support You Need As You Weigh The Options

In the end, remember that you have options. This can be an overwhelming time; however, it can be navigated with ease with the appropriate help. It’s important to work with professionals who understand what you’re facing and are both ready and willing to help you through the process. At Texas Adoption Center, we’re proud to provide many important services to our clients. These include:

  • Emotional Support
  • Financial Support
  • Housing and Transportation Assistance
  • Medical Care and Health Insurance

Texas Adoption Center is the best option for birth mothers seeking adoption support in Texas. Our specialists work with each client to ensure their experience is a great one, and our birth mothers agree:

“Stacey and Caitlin are Truly Driven, extremely Professional, and just a Joy to be around! You helped me in my time of distress and need.  Very supportive, and I will love you forever!!!”

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Texas Adoption Center is available to help. Call or text TAC today for support in this difficult time: 844.893.7943 or 361.461.3742.

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